Everything you need to know about Ritesh Agarwal, founder of OYO rooms

Ritesh Agarwal is a wunderkind of entrepreneurial discipline. When he was just eight (8) years old, he went on to code a software program. When he was sixteen (16) years old, he was one among the brilliant and inspiring minds to be selected for Asian Science Camp that was held at TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), Mumbai. At the age of seventeen (17), he hogged the limelight for his best-selling book – A Complete Encyclopedia of Top 100 Indian Engineering Colleges. His achievements just get bigger and brighter with every passing year. At the same age of seventeen (17) years, he grabbed the headlines for becoming the youngest Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company called Worth Growth Partners, a service company.image-2

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At the age of eighteen (18) years, Rahul Agarwal once gain made a mark for himself by becoming the founder of Oravel, an Indian version of Airbnb. And yes, he also secured a massive funding of Rs30 lakh from an accelerator called VentureNursery. He has yet another achievement in his kitty. When he was nineteen (19) years old, he bagged Thiel Fellowship and became the first Indian resident to win the prestigious fellowship. It is worth mentioning that Thiel Fellowship was started by the founder and former CEO of PayPal, Peter Thiel.

Ritesh Agarwal is an inspiration to many and he has drawn tremendous inspiration from dignitaries like Peter Thiel, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX- Elon Musk, and Sean Parker, one of the founding presidents of Facebook Inc. Let me reveal some interesting facts about Ritesh Agarwal. He completed his schooling in Rayagada, Odisha. After completing his 12th, he enrolled himself in Indian School of Business & Finance, Delhi only to discontinue his studies.

When he was twenty (20) years old, he ditched the idea of continuing his venture Oravel and started OYO Rooms. Ritesh wanted to solve the problems of the lack of predictability, affordability, accessibility and availability and hence, he started OYO Rooms. Ritesh received a funding of Rs4 crore from Lightspeed Venture Partners and DSG Consumer Partners. He also received a mammoth $6 million funding from Sequoia Capital.  Touted as India’s largest budget chain of hotels, OYO Rooms has many as 40000 rooms under its aegis and makes its presence in over 160 countries.

Never ever did Ritesh Agarwal lose his mojo. In the year 2013, he was named one of the ‘8 Hottest Teenage Startup Founders in the World’ by Business Insider. In 2014, he won TiE-Lumis Entrepreneurial Excellence Award. In 2015, he won Business World Young Entrepreneur Award. He is just 22 years old and I am sure, he is going to achieve the impossible. India is surely blessed with a brilliant entrepreneur!

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