Everything you need to know about Rahul Yadav’s new venture

Rahul Yadav, the man who reached dizzying heights as the CEO of is undoubtedly the Dark Horse of all Indian startups. When he was ousted from his own venture, Rahul Yadav promised to come back bigger and stronger than ever before. It is because he is man who symbolizes the pinnacle of success. His dream of becoming a CEO of yet another startup within a short duration is not improbable. Following his inglorious exit from his own venture, Rahul Yadav claimed that his new venture would be ten times bigger than and bigger than all Indian internet startups. He recently grabbed the headlines with his Facebook post “A 100x company needs 100x team!”

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So, what is Rahul Yadav’s new venture all about? Another with a few tweaks here and there? Surely not! His new venture is a Data Analytics and Visualization firm that will serve ecommerce companies on a daily basis. To put in non-technical jargon, his new venture focuses extensively on analyzing big data to identify consumer buying patterns and behavioral patterns. His new venture promises to provide speedy insights on various key decision points. The name of the startup isn’t out yet.  According to the reports of Financial Express, PayTM founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma and Flipkart Co-founder Sachin Bansal have already made huge investments in his new venture. The amount so raised from such investments is estimated to be anywhere above 100 crore. In essence, this is a gargantuan figure!rahul

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Here is what Vijay Shekhar Sharma opined about Rahul Yadav (Source: Financial Express), “He (Rahul Yadav) is definitely an incredible maverick. He has an understanding of technology and we hope he has learnt his lesson and moved ahead.” Ever since his heydays as the CEO of, Rahul Yadav has always been interested in Data Analytics. The fact that acquired data firm Realty BI during Rahul’s tenure as the CEO is a testimony to his profound interest in Data Analytics.

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After the ignominious exit of Rahul Yadav, the Chief Design Officer of, Suvonil Chatterjee quit the venture. Suvonil Chatterjee is expected to join Rahul Yadav’s new venture. With the World Cup hero of Indian cricket team Yuvraj Singh investing an undisclosed amount in Rahul’s new venture, his disgraceful exit from his own venture doesn’t seem to have dampened his high spirits. It is his winning attitude that inculcates his trait of rising again after a failure. I am very much in awe of his clear-headed and high spirited persona.

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Keep watching this space as I will be back to keep you in loop. Keep reading. Cheers!

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