Everything you need to know about Mr.Alok Kejriwal

Born on 25th December, 1968, the renowned CEO and eminent co-founder of Games2win, Alok Kejriwal is a hardcore Indian entrepreneur who is known to the world as Rodinhood.  He was born and brought up in Mumbai. He is from a Marwari family. He completed his schooling in Mumbai. There is something endearing to his educational qualification-He holds a Master’s degree in commerce and his alma mater is Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai.


 At a young and dynamic age of 21, he worked as a potential entrepreneur in his father’s socks manufacturing company. After acquiring ample business experience of 10 years and inestimable business expertise, he initiated his own venture- Contest2Win. Contest2Win managed SMS contests for various popular TV programs and reality shows. The year 1998 witnessed the entry of Alok Kejriwal as a full-fledged entrepreneur. Following the same line of thought, he launched a mobile venture entitled ‘Mobile2Win’ in China in the year 2001. Mobile2Win organized mobile competitions and promotions on mobile interactive platforms. Subsequently, he brought Mobile2Win to India in the year 2003. Due to the phenomenal hype, Walt Disney came forward to acquire Mobile2Win in China. In India, Norwest Venture Partners acquired it. By 2006, the acquisition was completed by the two companies.


Toying with the idea of Games2win, Alok Kejriwal embarked on the venture in the year 2007. Today, Games2win is one among the top 20 promising global online games businesses. Parking Frenzy, the masterpiece of Games2win hogged the limelight as the most popular game on US iTunes Appstore.

Here are few insightful words of counsel from the connoisseur Alok Kejriwal, (an excerpt from Quora):

  • Respect the lowest of the low. Talk to a sweeper and find out how he downloads music on his phone. Why does he spend 4 months of his money on a phone? Learn from that humbling experience. Talk to taxi drivers, servants, watchmen and ask them about their lives, their philosophies and motivations. MAKE COMMON MEN your professors of life.


  • Challenge GOD. There is no God greater than yourself. Start with that idea. Then, use that to challenge EVERYTHING that comes your way. Why not call the chef in a 7 star restaurant and criticize his food? Why not explain to him that green zucchini does not blend with white creamy penne because they are not ‘compatible’. I did that with the senior Italian Chef of The Oberoi Delhi & he couldn’t thank me enough. Once you can challenge anyone and everyone, you become fearless.


  • Be Thankful. Be obsessive. Keep thanking whoever you look up to for what you have – and don’t complain for what you DONT have.
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