Everything you need to know about Malini Agarwal, founder of MissMalini

A week ago, on a sunny day, I was walking through the dusty lanes of my neighborhood. My conditioned mind was thinking about women entrepreneurship. I find myself strangely in affirmation with a notion- the characteristic traits of women entrepreneurs are utter humility, insatiable curiosity and the unmistakable passion. Malini Agarwal, the celebrity blogger is more than a charismatic entrepreneur. She further strengthens my notion. Her Bollywood information and news site has earned many admirers and the unleavened admiration seems to grow virally almost as a geometric progression.image-1

Born in the year 1977 on 26thMay, Malini Agarwal spent her entire childhood in various foreign countries as her parents worked for Indian Foreign Services. Born in the city of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, Malini imbibed all the ethical values and her love for India is fathomless. She likes to celebrate her birthday with a big bang and often invites all her not-so celebrity friends and celebrities.

Malini’s student life was constructive and rich. She has graduated from the reputed Delhi University and has majored in English Literature. Not many have the privilege of working in the same field in which they had graduated. Malini considers herself extremely fortunate as she undertook blogging as her profession and is indeed working in the same field in which she had graduated. As she keeps informing her admirers about all the latest happenings of Bollywood, she finds not much time to spend for herself. She is an outright extrovert and her hospitable personality is admirable.

She is elegant and articulate: so articulate that she landed with a Radio Jockey job. Slowly, she began her career with WIN 94.6 and soon, WIN 94.6 became Radio One 94.3. Some of her popular shows include ‘Malini Till Midnight’, ‘Tiger time with Malini’, ‘Overdrive’, ‘Horn OK Please’, ‘225’ etc. There is nothing like a whiff of popularity and Malini knows the sweet fragrance of it. She soon headed the programming department for Radio One and subsequently became the Head of Digital Content for Channel V.

During her tenure as the Head of Digital Content for Channel V, she started Her blog became a hit and hence, she decided to leave her day job and focus completely on her blog. Her blog is one of the best and highly reputed Bollywood blogs and covers umpteen fashion events, lifestyle and travel categories. And yes, her blog has featured in celebrated magazines such as Femina etc.  She is married to Nowshad Rizwanullah, who happens to be the CEO of Miss Malini Publishing Pvt Ltd.

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