Everything you need to know about Arunabh Kumar, founder of TVF

He sings. He dances. He doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind. He spouts English and Hindi with the same ease. His pizazz and drive are infectious. He is a shrewd and an unflinching entrepreneur. He does what he is good at in his trademark Qtiyapa style. He is endowed with a very good sense of humor. He is one of the founders of TVF Pitchers. Good Lord! He is none other than the Viral Fever guy- Arunabh Kumar.

Born and brought up in Muzaffarpur in Bihar, Arunabh went on to crack IIT-JEE in the second attempt. He earned his Electrical Engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur. His father is a strict disciplinarian. His father was the scriptwriter of Arunabh’s destiny. Arunabh had diverse opinions. In the first semester, he wanted to be an economist. In the second semester, he wanted to earn an MBA from IIMs (Indian Institute of Management). In the third semester, he wanted to become a programmer. In the fourth semester, he wanted to clear UPSC. Thus, in his early teens, he was mercurial and capricious.

After graduating from IIT Kharagpur, Arunabh Kumar moved to Mumbai and tried his luck there. After working in a US Air Force project, Arunabh Kumar fostered fruitful relationships with creative minds of IIT Mumbai. He did a few short films that eventually gained a lot of traction. Buoyed by the terrific response, he decided to become an assistant director. He proved his merit by working as an assistant director for Farah Khan’s blockbuster Om Shanti Om. And what’s more interesting is that he got his first job in Red Chillies entertainment.

 arunabh-kumar  Impressed with Arunabh Kumar’s work, Amir Khan gave him a chance to work on Delhi Belly. In a contest organized by Network 18 and PnC Communications, Arunabh Kumar won an award for his highly inspiring short film The wish drivers. Arunabh approached several youth channels for airing his show- Engineer’s diary. Each and every youth channel owner liked his idea but they eventually rejected to telecast Arunabh’s show on their channel. Arunabh Kumar terms those rejections as the best rejections of his life. If it were for otherwise, he wouldn’t have started his own YouTube channel- TheViralFeverVideos. Why did they reject Arunabh Kumar’s show if they fell in love with his idea? Arunabh mentioned in an interview that the channel owners considered Indian audiences to be dumb. Arunabh proved them that their concept of ‘dumb Indian audiences’ is profoundly wrong by getting 18k votes for his first YouTube video. Interestingly, his first video was the second most viewed video that particular week. His second video Rowdies earned a million views in less than 5 days.

By June 2013, TVF videos reached 10 million viewership. Today, the numbers are even better. If you haven’t read why TVF Pitchers is a must watch series, I cordially invite you to read it here. And yes! You can watch his videos here and say hi to Arunabh Kumar on Twitter. As a true admirer of Arunabh Kumar, I wish him all the best for his Qtiyapa.

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