Everything you need to know about Roman Saini, co-founder of Unacademy

In the recent years, entrepreneurship has been on the rise. But what comes across, in its many twists and turns is the amazing commitment of Roman Saini, a 24 year old entrepreneur who happens to be the founder of Unacademy.  His achievements are going to leave you spellbound. At the age of 16 years, he cracked AIIMS entrance exam. He graduated from AIIMS. At the age of 22 years, he went on to become one of the youngest and determined IAS officers. Let me add a few more achievements- he is a committed educator, an excellent speaker and an entrepreneur at heart.

Roman Saini started Unacademy in the year 2013. Unacademy is an online education portal for aspirants who are preparing for prestigious examinations such as IAS, SSC-CGL etc. Gaurav Munjal is another educator who also happens to be the co-founder of Unacademy. In 2016, Saini resigned as assistant collector of Jabalpur and decided to make quality education freely accessible to one and all through his venture- Unacademy. How often do you see an entrepreneur who also happens to be a committed educator at heart?image-1

Let me run some numbers for you. As many as ten followers have already cleared civil services exams. Here is an amazing stat- More than 1.1 crore members have already viewed Unacademy’s videos. And yes, the official twitter profile of Unacademy venture has already 20000 Twitter followers and it is worth mentioning that its Facebook page has more than 133K likes. No doubt, his venture is making tremendous strides in online education space. Unacademy’s YouTube channel has more than 400 videos and a little over five lakh subscribers.

There is a reason why Roman Saini decided to launch an online portal and not an offline model. To meet the educational requirements of millions of aspirants through an offline model, one obviously requires great infrastructure and abundant human resources. The infrastructure and human resources overhead can be minimized by launching an online portal. Should the aspirants have any queries, they can get them resolved via the YouTube online channel.

Roman hails from a middle class family in Jaipur. He was never interested in studies in school. As a consequence, he used to get very low marks. But he always enjoyed reading biology. He gave AIIMS entrance examination only because his instincts guided him to relish the content of biology. Roman says that one should do away with the mugging-up culture and study subjects with interest. Acing UPSC is a good outcome of his interest in doing social welfare.

Roman loves music and often plays guitar. He seldom used to attend family weddings. His circle of relatives and friends considered him a ‘weirdo’. Roman says that he likes living in his own world and doing things that he enjoys the most. The key takeaway is “Love what you do and do what you love.”

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