Not every Interest is a Business Idea

In the process of growing up, we tend to develop different interests in life. Be it cricket, soccer, music or literature, our tastes and preferences change with time. How many times does our little interests take the shape of a BUSINESS IDEA?

Let’s have a look at the life story of one of the leading entrepreneurs, whose love for movies made him the proud owner of the leading multiplexes- PVR (Priya Village Roadshow).

AJAY BILJI, the man behind PVR stepped into film exhibition business at the age of 22 years. He joined his family’s transportation business at the age of 21 and soon realized that it was not his calling. He never studied cinema, had no aspirations to be a movie star, and did not even live in cinema capital, Mumbai. The only connection was that his family has owned a popular theatre in New Delhi (Priyas in Vasant VIhar) since 1978, where he used to spend the whole day watching shows back to back. His love for films changed the way we now watch movies in India.

His story is not only a set example for all the aspiring business leaders but also for a common man.

A business idea centers on a product or service that can be used to make money. An idea is the first milestone in the process of founding a business. Every successful business started as someone’s idea. A promising business idea must relevant, innovative, unique and profitable in the long run. The acceptability and profitability of a business idea depends largely on how innovative the idea is. Also, it must have a market that is willing to accept it.

Coming up with a business idea that blends together many subjects requires some serious brainstorming. You never know how something might be relevant. Think about Steve Jobs and how that one calligraphy class he took in college was the inspiration for the beautiful typeface of the Apple computer years later.

If your interest can add value to other people’s lives, you are surely a step closer to giving birth to a growing business idea!!





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