Entrepreneurs who quit high paying jobs to start their own ventures

Startups are undoubtedly dignitary reflections of society. There is not an iota of doubt that society is evolving and so are the startups. Passionate thinkers are now doing the unconventional. Entrepreneurs have ascended a transforming step to reward themselves by leaving their high paying jobs to start their own ventures. Exploring the unexplored domains has been the choice of most of the entrepreneurs who quit high paying jobs. And what’s more interesting is that all these ventures are faring well in terms of customer centric innovation. Here are the tales of successful surfing on the tides:

  • Volano: Volano is a sports startup founded by Adnan Adeeb. Adnan worked as a software engineer in iGate and Patni. After gaining an enriching industry experience of 20 years, Adnan started Volano in a rooftop house in the year 2012. He gave up his $250,000 job to take the role of an entrepreneur. Volano promotes amateur sports and conceptualizes innovative sports. In the first half of 2012, Volano launched its first property GameOnIndia to encourage conventional sports. In its bid to find India’s fittest man and woman and fittest corporate, Volano launched a five-kilometer long race track and christened it as “Devil’s Circuit.” Till date, Volano witnessed the participation of 10000 participants in as many as 34 events.


  • Boond: Rustam Senugupta, founder of BOOND held an open hand towards the needy. Rustam graduated from the prestigious global institution INSEAD. Besides an MBA from INSEAD, Rustam holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of California. He worked for Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore. He enjoyed his stint as a consultant in Deloitte Consulting, USA. Despite all his achievements, the accumulation of money was alien to his nature. In 2009, he visited his native village only to experience prayerful surges as he confronted the problems of lack of electricity, drinking water, adequate lighting etc. The plight of the situation touched his heart and with no second thoughts, he quit his high paying finance job. He started BOOND, a social enterprise to solve the aforementioned problems.


  • Madpiggy: Abhishek Kumar is the founder of Madpiggy, a location based mobile based application platform that enables users to find deals and discounts in retail outlets with-in their premises. Abhishek is an alumnus of Indian School of Business. He graduated from ISB in the year 2009. After his brief stint at pharmaceutical giants such as Biocon and Dr.Reddy’s, he conceptualized Madpiggy. Madpiggy maintains an updated list of outlets and malls near shopper’s premises. This application leverages the experimentation with IOT (Internet of Things) to create brand recall.


  • Pristine Edutronics: Pristine Edutronics was started in the year 2012. Shruti Sharma is the founder of this venture. She graduated from Indian School of Business in the year 2006. This venture aims at training and incorporating necessary skills to students. This startup strongly believes that failure is nothing but a perception. It has hogged the limelight for transforming the lesser mortals into industry professionals.
  • The Better India: Anuradha Kedia and Dhimant Parekh started The Better India to report the success stories of unsung heroes, change makers, innovators, educators, social workers etc. The Better India claims to use the power of media and technology to help people do good. This venture shares the success story of each and every individual to create an impact on the society. Both the founders graduated from Indian School of Business with an MBA. The success stories are resourcefully summoned to meet the exigencies of discipline.

There is an intellectual shift happening in our midst which is giving birth to amazing startups. Keep watching this space for further updates….:)

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