Ensure your employees don’t get bored at work

Entrepreneurship is a professional pursuit in which chances of employees and employers hitting a roadblock are high. Their minds may be buzzing with out-of-the-box ideas some of which may not be all that workable. As a consequence, no wonder, employees in a startup get stuck in a rut. Their energy levels and enthusiasm go for a toss due to the mundane routines. Eventually, there appears to be nothing on the cards that can cheer them up. Many employees and in most scenarios, even the founders become frustrated because the entrepreneurial dreams seem to be standing still. Amid the disarray and chaos, an entrepreneur and his employees should not forget the direction and destination. Hence, it is important to ensure your employees don’t get bored at work.

Here are a few credible ways to ensure your employees don’t get bored at work:

  1. Spice up the routine:

Allow yourself and your employees a few flights of fancy. Indulge in conversations that are not related to entrepreneurial pursuits. For instance, as an employer, one may ask his employees about their favorite part-time pursuits and interests. Talk about movies and soap operas. Dedicate a complete 30 minute session every day to shake off any boredom. One may play games such as dumb charades, caroms etc. Eventually, self-righteousness and a sense of duty set the mood for the day at work.

  1. Initiate a celebration:

Discover a flair for celebrating festivals with your employees and charge ahead with confidence. For instance, one may peacefully celebrate festivals such as Dasara, Ganesh Chaturthi etc. This builds a strong intuitive rapport and employees become pioneers in their own worlds.


  1. Do away with the dress code:

Most of the startups do not have a dress code. As a consequence, one can clearly witness non-uniformity in the dressing styles and appearances of employees. Decked up from head-to-toe in chic attire and classy outfit, employers may ask male employees to come in a zip-up sweatshirt. Likewise, they may ask female employees to come in saris. This enlightens the work atmosphere and beefs up the vibrancy. Do not force them, instead suggest them.

  1. PlayStation and HD games:

How about creating a perfect blend of an adventurous and courageous spirit? The best way to do so is to make them play games such as Diablo, Age of empires, God of War, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Wolverine etc. These multi-player games strike the balance and create a competitive spirit. This can be used to your advantage.


  1. Yes to personal milestones:

Conduct proceedings of an employee who is all set to celebrate his birthday with you. Similarly, celebrate each employee’s marriage anniversary and other special occasions. Be set to capture the flag and sing the song of joy. At the end of the day, icing on the cake would be the smile that you take to bed!


  1. Allow pets:

Pets bring a smile on the faces of employees. However, ensure that the total number of pets doesn’t exceed the threshold.

A consummate sense of companionship will set the mood and employees start seeing things in a more practical light.

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