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You thought you can use your smart phone for Calling, playing games etc. Well for the first time in India, Ekeeko brings to you a superb experience of ordering multiple products offered by multiple merchants in a single transaction by conveniently sitting back at your home. All you have to do is to simply scan the QR Code of the product of your choice using Ekeeko’s Mobile App and the product details will be displayed on your phone screen.

Your order just placed will automatically reach the concerned merchant and will be delivered at your doorstep by the respective merchant. Rest assured, all you pay is for the product price and associated taxes as per Govt. of India regulations.

Ekeeko will never charge a single penny. Its application is free and will remain free for you forever. It brings a whole new experience to shopping. Ekeeko has converted your smart phone into a personal checkout counter, and standing in line to pay at your neighbourhood store has become a thing of the past.

 Let us know a little bit more about the one of its kind mobile app “EKEEKO”:



Co-founder & COO


Nishesh Mathur (Co-Founder & Chief Executive)

Nishesh Mathur
Co-Founder & Chief Executive



1. TEAM MV: Tell us a little bit about “”

TEAM EKEEKO: Ekeeko means God of Hearth and Prosperity.

Ekeeko is India’s only next generation Mobile Shopping Solution and Merchant Engagement Platform. Ekeeko’s solution helps Food Joints, Retailers; E-Commerce players build their own virtual or moving Stores. Our patent pending solution links the offline world’s promotional or marketing material (such as Flyers, Brochures, Print Ads, Posters, Billboards or anything in the outdoor media) with its Mobile Shopping Application thus converting physical Ads into a digital touch-point. Ekeeko’s mobile app works in conjunction with Ekeeko’s web application available for merchants.

2. TEAM MV: What inspired the creation of “”?

TEAM EKEEKO: After standing in long queues at numerous occasions at busy super markets just to buy a single product, we thought there had to be a better way to shop that should enhance the overall shopping experience.

A free mobile app allowing shoppers to buy products from the comfort of their own home at the same time converting the real store into a virtual store. Thus our solution caters to both buyers and sellers.

Ekeeko is one stop shop for mobile commerce and is the answer for friction-less enhanced shopping experience.

3. TEAM MV: What is your target audience and why?

TEAM EKEEKO: We have a “one app does it all” motto. Any registered user can buy grocery, generate an inquiry, and order food from restaurants, going forward will also be able to make bill payments, book movie tickets via the movie’s poster. So our app is one solution for entire commerce.

4. TEAM MV: What is unique about your company?

TEAM EKEEKO: In one line- A registered user can compare prices and then order multiple products from multiple merchants in a single transaction.

Suppose you visited a store to purchase grocery items like bread, milk, sugar etc. after purchasing the items, your friend told you that you got an expensive deal as some other store in your neighborhood is offering the same branded products at a cheaper rate. You feel cheated as you spent your precious weekend standing in queue for hours, you visited the store in your car, struggled to find parking space and finally you realized all that efforts went in vain with an expensive deal but can you do anything now?

This is where, Ekeeko can help you. Ekeeko is your friend who’ll help you by letting you know the prices, deals, any promotional offer for whatever products you want across all the stores in and around your locality without visiting them from the comfort of your home.

All you have to do is to simply switch on the Ekeeko app, point your mobile camera towards the QR code printed on any brochure or newspaper ad. On your phone display you’ll see the product details like product’s image, name, price, description etc. keep scanning to review prices and place the order from the merchant whoever is offering products of your choice at a discounted rate.

As you discover merchant ‘X’ is offering potato at a discounted rate and merchant ‘Y’ is offering onions at a discounted rate, simply scan and keep adding the products to your cart. Ekeeko will automatically sort your items merchant wise and will display the same in your order summary page so that before you finally press the “order now” button, you can review the merchants and products you are about to order.

Order once placed, will directly be transferred to the respective merchant i.e. potato to merchant ‘X’ and onions to merchant ‘Y’. The respective merchant will pack your stuff and deliver at your place for free.

5. TEAM MV: What problem does your company solve?

TEAM EKEEKO: Ekeeko has developed a technology that allows any merchant to convert any printed Ad into a tool that connects their brand/products with their mobile users.

All the merchants need to do is to put a QR code and develop a mobile solution that will run on their users smart phones. It depends on what they are selling and what they want to show on their customer’s mobile screen.

Only two components – a QR code and a mobile solution can let them connect with their customers. With Ekeeko merchants can do both. It does not take much of their time. Ekeeko helps them create QR Codes for all their products in less than 5 minutes so whether it’s a retail store or a web shop it does not require any special knowledge 5 minutes is all it takes for an inventory of approx. 1 crore products.

Our patent pending solution links the offline world’s promotional or marketing material (such as Flyers, Brochures, Print Ads, Posters, Billboards or anything in the outdoor media) with its Mobile Commerce Application thus converting physical Ads into a digital touch-point. It’s an awesome and highly effective way to engage with your customers on a real-time basis, when their level of interest is highest.

6. TEAM MV: What relevant domain experience do they have?

TEAM EKEEKO: While Nishesh is from Financial Industry and oversee the cost management and product development Sailaja though B-tech in Chemical Engineering has fair experience in Test Engineering and understand the Technology aspect and is also primarily involved in the SEO and other digital marketing activities.

7. TEAM MV: What risk are you facing?

TEAM EKEEKO: Ekeeko is our baby and we both are madly in love with our baby. With all the limited resources we have executed our idea fairly well and have developed a fully functional product and have launched in beta. We don’t think about any risk at all.

8. TEAM MV: What is your greatest competitive advantage?

TEAM EKEEKO: We believe in competition and feel it’s good for businesses however no one in India has ever imagined that QR codes can be used in a way as we are doing. At the same time we are in the process of patenting our idea. We have several unique features in our product and we believe that those are our core strengths.

9. TEAM MV: What has been your most effective marketing technique?

TEAM EKEEKO: We just launched our product and running pilot with friends. We have thought of various cost effective advertising techniques going forward.

10. TEAM MV: What is your advice to young entrepreneurs starting today?

TEAM EKEEKO: Go and explore. The world is full of opportunities. Just be original.

11. TEAM MV: How has been your journey so far as an entrepreneur?

TEAM EKEEKO: It has been a fantastic journey. We believe in our product and thus enjoyed it and the enthusiasm is just growing with every passing day.


12. TEAM MV: Where do you see yourself  and your venture 5 years from now?

TEAM EKEEKO: We’ll be the leaders in mobile commerce space globally.

 Download the “Ekeeko” Mobile App from the Google Play Store:

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