Are you a DREAMER ?

Turn down the volume of the radio or TV ,block out all noises , be quite and listen. Listen Just for 5 minutes, I don’t want you to pay attention for my sake but for yours. Are you not worth 5 minutes of your time? Do you have a deep desire to achieve something great..?? Do you want to live a happy and  satisfactory life? If so then you are a dreamer. This article is dedicated to you. Right now you are the most important person around.

A dreamer is a person who challenges society’s norms. Dreamer is not timid to make his own path he dares to stand different from the crowd. Dreamer is a risk taker and is a pioneer. A dreamer can’t afford to work on society’s assumption as he selects a path which is less followed. A dreamer sees opportunity in every situation of life because he believes everything happen for a purpose. Dreamer has a habit of doing things differently which makes a great impact on the world.

At last I end this article by giving a quote

“If you want to be successful then never ever stop working toward your dream , If you are not running towards it then walk , If you are not walking then crawl but somehow keep approaching towards it because to be at the EVEREST don’t be EVER AT REST”


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