Do I need a co-founder or should I start alone?

The world is at a cusp of new entrepreneurial era. Most importantly, India is emerging as a new ray of hope. The spurt in the number of startups is partly due to the fortuitous result of global economic boom. Global economic reforms have unleashed the pent-up energies of Indian entrepreneurs long shackled by improper decisions. Decisions taken would decide the future of Indian entrepreneurs. One of the important questions that an entrepreneur has to ask himself is “Do I need a co-founder or should I start alone?”

Starting alone should not distract or dismay an entrepreneur. However, here is a short list of reasons to be considered before embarking on a solo-entrepreneurship:

  1. Co-founders are parents to entrepreneurship:

Aprameya Radhakrishna, co-founder of TaxiForSure opines that “A startup is like a child. It requires the guidance of two parents.” Going further, she asserts, “By having a smart co-founder, you get your rivals and competitors thinking for your sheer smartness in the professional field.”  Sachin Bansal, the co-founder of Flipkart asserts, “Do not venture out alone. Have a co-founder.”


  1. Beginning is always the toughest:

Entrepreneurship is certainly not as easy as the innocuous sounding appellation leads one to believe. The best way of beginning an entrepreneurial journey would be to run through a gamut of complementary personalities and partnering with one of such personalities. It has to be remembered with a caveat that entrepreneurship bristles with problems.

  1. Roll in the aisles:

We accept many things in the world without actually knowing much about them and it is not until something brings our ignorance before us that we take the pains to focus our attention and learn about it. Entrepreneurship is one of the many such things. Once you realize that you have a shoulder to cry on in case of a failure, consider yourself lucky. By having a co-founder, your inquisitiveness survives adversities and you will have your startup rolling in the aisles. You can distribute responsibilities and stress with the other co-founder.

  1. Investors prefer companies with co-founders:

Today’s competitive world is more of a dog-eat-dog culture. To accelerate from scratch, entrepreneurs must have office space, equipment and necessary infrastructure. In addition, entrepreneurs must have finance to pay salaries and to take the venture to the nest level. It is an established fact that investors prefer companies with co-founders.

  1. Co-founder keeps the cog-wheels moving:

Should you fall sick, co-founder takes care of your venture. Co-founder is your best confidante. He ensures that the cog-wheels keep moving smoothly.

If you have a great co-founder who supports you in your endeavors and provides valuable insights, it’s time to clink glasses!

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