Do away with the pain-point of visiting the super markets, Thanks to


Thanks to an all-too-predictable monotonous life, working professionals have thrown themselves to the exhausting ferment of disarray. Time travels much faster than it seems. Extreme heat, immense crowds and terrific competition have transformed all the working professionals into indentured workaholics. As a consequence, extracting some time for non-professional pursuits such as buying grocery items etc. has become extremely difficult. Thanks to, both working and non-working population can do away with the pain-point of visiting super markets.

About Zopeco

Zopeco is a hyper-local groceries startup that promises to deliver the ordered items with-in two hours. It solves the problem of grocery shopping by ensuring quality services. Necessity is indeed the drunkenness of mind. Nishant Bhardwaj, founder of Zopeco is an intellectual known for his intellectual thoughts. His philter is the necessity of creation of Zopeco. Cruising with remarkable momentum, Zopeco is all set to provide an end to end solution with inbuilt logistics and excellent value driven capabilities for the customers and sellers. Zopeco App is well underway.

Nishant Bhardwaj Founder- Zopeco

Nishant Bhardwaj, Founder- Zopeco

Memorable beginning:

What distinguishes Zopeco from its competitors is the model on which it operates. Currently, Zopeco follows the nuances of O2O model- Online to Offline model. Talking about his heartwarming startup story, Nishant cheerfully remarked, “As a corporate professional, I faced the problem of buying groceries. I hardly had enough time in my hectic schedule. I had to drag myself to the super-market, face the traffic, parking hassles, find each product, and stand in queues for the billing of purchased products. It was a major pain-point. I understood that it is a problem for every working professional, aged people and for those who couldn’t drive. So my co-founder Prabhat Kumar & I came together to solve this problem. Zopeco is short for “Shop Economical/Eco-friendly. We solve the problem of Grocery Shopping in a jiffy. Zopeco delivers from phone to home in 2 Hours. One-window Grocery purchase is a major pain-point for every customer.”


Target Audiences:

Nishant wants his business to grow beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations. He is trying his best to increase his customer base. Nishant says, “Every household with smart phone, internet connection and paucity of time and individuals who seek ease and convenience in completing the mundane, yet the most important task of shopping for groceries are our customers. We reach our customers through digital marketing, door to door campaigns, radio, newspapers and bill-boards.“

Team Zopeco:


Zopeco team pic

Team Zopeco

Walt Disney said: “You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.” The co-founder couldn’t agree more with this statement and thanks his team for achieving spectacular results. Here is his team composition:

Nishant Bhardwaj has 4 Years of experience in Sales & Marketing.

He is a Computer Science engineer with passion for product development and marketing. Nishant understands technology & has a deep knowledge of the consumer behavior having worked and travelled in 20 States of the country. He has handled up-to 100Crore businesses before. He invests around 14 productive hours per day to take up challenges and emerge victorious.

Prabhat Kumar has more than 7 years of experience in Operations & Logistics in Modern Retail. He has a solid understanding of Operations & retail management. Both complement each other on running a smooth Hyper-local business. Zopeco has over 18 members in operations, IT, Sales and marketing departments. Zopeco is currently on a recruiting spree.

Mission Possible:

Commenting on his startups’ mission, Nishant believes in creating value for his customers and channel partners. “Our mission is to bring online shopping experience to heart of India that is tier-II & III towns. We believe that there is real potential in terms market size & value creation beyond top-15 cities of India. Honestly, we are still developing our vision.”

Key take-away:

Entrepreneurial journey for the co-founders has been full of challenges. They had near death encounters. However, their enthusiasm for roaring high never died. The key take-away to all entrepreneurs in Nishanth’s words, “To all my fellow entrepreneurs, do your research well, make a MVP first, be frugal, work really hard and don’t blow up investor money. Money doesn’t solve problems, happy customers do.

Team MyVenture’s advice:

In the words of Gordon B. Hinckley, “Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.” Hard work is an undeniable part of success. Hard work gives a head start to all your efforts. Team MyVenture advices its readers and entrepreneurs to work with diligence and inculcate the will to be the best.

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