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Bob Feller, the renowned American baseball pitcher once said, “Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again. That’s the way life is, with a new game every day.” In a beautiful co-incidence, the personality and character of Jaskaran Rana, founder of EDM Hunters, drive home this epigram, “One must be prepared to fail. Not all business ideas turn into the next big thing. In order to succeed in business one must be prepared to fail. One can learn from these mistakes and these experiences will cement the knowledge base. To be a successful entrepreneur, one must be ready to never give up and just keep on trying.”

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EDM Hunters is a music website that helps users in discovering the best and latest electronic dance music songs. It is a one-stop solution for all electronic music needs. One can listen to an artist’s top songs voted by the community itself, listen to their latest songs, and discover DJs similar to that artist. In addition, one can listen to songs that are organized by genres, listen to ready-to-go playlists based on one’s mood or genre and know everything about favorite music festivals.

On the supposed subject of the genesis of EDM Hunters, Jaskaran  nostalgically replied, “Back in college, I had just started listening to electronic music and I instantly became a fan. EDM started to find its niche in mainstream music. A problem I faced as a fan was that I knew of a couple of popular songs from some DJs, however, if I wanted to listen more of their songs, I had to search across various music blogs or browse through a couple of YouTube playlists to find what I wanted. There wasn’t a one-stop solution to help me discover all this in one place. EDM Hunters was thus born to solve this problem. I believe that the community is the best source for discovering great music. That’s why on EDM Hunters it’s the fans that decide what songs rise on the music charts. With efficient algorithms in place, I analyze and organize all this data for the users to see and discover amazing new tunes.”

jaskaran                                                                                        Jaskaran Rana

Very few in the entrepreneurial life have the courage to work on their pursuits without doing away with their professional life. Jaskaran Rana is undoubtedly one of such elite members. He currently works full time as a full stack web developer at a startup. On weekends and during the spare-time, Jaskaran  shrugs off any bureaucratic inertia that hampers growth and focuses on his venture -EDM Hunters.  He holds a bachelor’s degree from Manipal Institute of Technology. He wasn’t academically brilliant. However, he mastered the concepts of Python, JavaScript, JQuery and HTML/CSS within a span of six months. In this direction, he started his own venture, EDM Hunters.

Thanks to the efforts and vision of Jaskaran Rana, EDM Hunters has now become a household name in the Indian young generation space. EDM Hunters currently has an average of 1,30,000+ visitors per month and over 3,00,000+ page views per month while increasing at an approximate rate of 30% month-by-month. To tap the Indian young generation and promote his venture, Jaskaran uses Google and other internet platforms.

India needs more shining examples like Jaskaran Rana. Team MyVenture honestly appreciates his work and endeavours.

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