From developing graphics to monitoring your social posts, these are the tools you need!

You very well know how important the posts on social media are for your business. Social platform is something that manages to throw a very strong impact and cultivate a deep rooted connection with the people. A huge population of 191 million Indians users use social media actively.

You’ll be surprised to know that 70% of Indian entrepreneurs relentlessly use social platform for business purposes. Why won’t they? There is a great demand to post something unique, that also has the tendency to go viral. Creating top class content can be a tiring task. Tracking and monitoring the posts is another important thing that you would require. Managing all this can be a pain in the neck without the help of certain tools. I have gathered 7 tools for you that will make you post confidently!


It is a neat and handy tool and has a variety of products within it. Firstly, you can schedule posts on various social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Then, analysis of your posts is something that it keeps an eye on. In addition to it, it keeps a track of your best post too!

Using Pablo (another feature of Buffer), you can create images for different platforms! You also get various templates which save time and add fine depth to your images. Another part of it also allows you to connect with your audience in a friendly way!


When it comes to creating attractive and unique content you can’t ignore this tool. It is so easy to use along with a plethora of designs available, much of which is free!! 

You just have to sign-in. Then you’ll come across a magnanimous amount of content. Rotate, drag, add texts wherever you want, and do many more things in the simplest way. You can also add custom images. Moreover, you can create your own design and I’m sure you’ll be stunned by the quality of the images. Altering the size of the image is another feature that you get. You can download it in various formats. Apart from it, you can directly share it on Twitter, Facebook or copy the link. For more amazing features, you can also get its premium version.


Before fabricating a strategy for your posts, check what sort of posts get attention from the people. You can do this by searching your topic in the search bar, further which you’ll come across the most popular posts. Posts that have the greatest number of shares and engagements. You can also get alerts related to topics that concern you. Its premium version lets you keep an account of how your posts are performing in comparison to your competitors. This pro version also includes the backlinks, unlimited searches etc. You can try your hands on the 14-day trial version before purchasing it!


It is a versatile tool. This SMM tool allows you to handle various profiles through one dashboard, that is the Hootsuite dashboard. From links to photos to videos to texts, all your media content can be posted on selected profiles only by a click. Send messages to chosen people through its dashboard easily. You can work effortlessly with this tool. Moreover, all this is free!

They do have a premium version with more features and one-month free trial to access those features. You might take some time to grapple with this tool, but once you are used to it you’ll feel that nothing is better than this tool.

Sprout Social

This tool is similar to Hootsuite. In expanding your social media presence Sprout Social is very helpful. Use it to monitor real-time activities. Apart from social media tools, you get CRM tools as well. You can also schedule messages and engage with your customers’ messages or comments in real time. You can filter your inbox by tagging and organising the messages.

On a single dashboard, you can manage all your social media profiles. Other than using web application or browser extension, you can manage designs of various social media profiles and use publishing tools on your iOS or Android phone as well. It is a complete package to provide you with a seamless experience.


Bitly is widely known to shorten link by a click. Along with it, it is a great tool to keep track of analytics of your posts. If you can analyse your campaigns and figure out how was its performance, you can always improve it for the next time. Kudos, this tool helps you do so! The analytics of this tool help you determine the most effective time to post. Yes, you read it right! Isn’t it the most wanted cheat-code? Another important thing, this tool accelerates your brand awareness and track your metrics from time to time.


Optimise all the social media with Everypost. An interesting feature- collaboration, helps you to work with your team anytime anywhere. Besides scheduling and publishing your posts, every post provides you with analytics for specific social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. With it, you can alter and make the required changes to maximize the outcome of your posts. If you want to connect more than one profile to your dashboard then you have to go for its pro version otherwise, it’s free!

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These are a few tools that will help you to save time and build up a strategy to allure people with your posts and also monitor them effectively. Of course, you need not use all of them. Find out which tools are helpful to you and work with those.

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