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Hi readers, today we are in conversation with Mr Viraat who has founded Deluxe Elite Info solutions Pvt Ltd. along with his team member Mr Chatur, have developed app platform which provides turnkey solutions in hybrid cloud environment.So lets see how they do this….

1.Tell us a little bit about “Deluxe elite
Deluxe Elite Info solutions Pvt Ltd was founded in the year 2010, headquartered in Mumbai, India provides various IT related solutions & services through its flagship App platform providing 360 degrees turnkey solutions in hybrid cloud environment.

Founded by a team that has diverse domains of hospitality & technology background, our aim is to provide top notch products & services in various sectors to help companies grow with us & provide a unique online experience of marketing & promotion through digitalization.

2. What inspired the creation of “Deluxe elite info”? 
The story behind the startup is pure due to the fact that too much of data, processes & information is scattered, & unable to complete maximum work in less period of time due to various issues not streamlined & also the fact flexibility across various platforms & software’s is absent due to monopoly of few platforms due to which data remains inconsistent all the time, therefore we decided to create a universal platform, wherein all apps can be developed in a single universal platform, which also interact with 3rd party apps & platforms & help build specific apps to fulfill specific tasks at ease.

3. What is your target audience & why?
Currently we are are targeting SME’s & SMB’S  in multiple cities, since we want to create a collaborative environment of mixed B2B audience so they can directly do transactions with both businesses & customers in a single platform & give them the opportunity to grow exponentially  through technology using Internet as a medium.

4. What is unique about your company?
The most unique thing about our company is that we are the only rare companies who have been working on multiple platforms of Microsoft, google, IBM and Adobe altogether to create a single end product to our clientele.

5. What problem does your company solve?

  • Time utilization in download, update & upgrade firmware
  • Remembering multiple sites names & credentials
  • Access multiple content & complete tasks through multiple websites
  • Data retention issues across multiple platforms, devices, apps & 3rd party apps
  • Sync, share, communicate, & collaborate,

6. Who are the founders & key team members?

Mr.Viraat Kothare: Handles role of Technical & Business development head, has got 4 years exp in IT industry, has bachelors of Computer Science from University of North Texas,USA,received 50+ business certifications & overall 150+ certifications in sports,social,misc,extra circular work etc. including a 2 time limca book of records holder in hobbies & arts.

Mr. Viraat Kothare

Mr. Viraat Kothare

 Mr. Chatur Kothare: Handles role of Finance & Business Administration, has got 20+ experience in hospitality management, has diploma in hospitality management, former Mr. Mumbai, in body building.

7. What relevant domain experience do they have?
Viraat Kothare: Has 4 years of experience in IT industry, having strong knowledge in SaaS & PaaS Platforms, & has strong understanding of various technologies & platforms & executed various types of applications in multiple domains.

Chatur Kothare: has got 20+ experience in hospitality management, has diploma in hospitality management, former Mr. Mumbai & Mr. India, in body building.

8. What risk are you facing?

Currently we are bootstrapped & optimized our resources to deliver the best output to our esteemed clientele, although to penetration in the market would be a slow process for people to feel comfortable using our product, in terms of limited resources & shortage of hiring staff for a specific role is one of the challenges we are facing currently.

9. What is your greatest competitive advantage?
The greatest competitive advantage is that apart from  applying for a patent for our platform, we are the pioneers in app making using a combination of hybrid cloud environment along with reverse engineering techniques integrated with multiple technologies, applications & platforms in a single platform.

10. What has been your most effective marketing technique?
Currently ,we are a keeping a balance of horizontal & vertical growth of our company portfolio with an innovation touch, in which we have grown at organically pace in which we were able to evolve & create a good end product after 2 years of meticulous research & currently marketing through online marketing by directly contacting potential clientele who are only active on facebook & also  getting in touch through niche based technology  & startup related blogs & small websites for a  start, as we firmly believe it is through bloggers & we being a newbie they are able to give us a platform to showcase & speak about our startup at our beta launch stage.

11. What outsiders have been most important to your business (eg. Mentors, bankers etc.)
There were many outsiders whom we had interactions through various business events held in our city & outside & spoke to various people having diverse background in which we had a good learning experience & in the process got a good portfolio of partnerships over a period of time to h&le our various business activities.

12. What is your advice to young entrepreneurs starting today?
The advice we would like to give to young entrepreneurs starting today is to think early on before actually working on the startup & there is not shortcut to reach success, it is indeed important to start from scratch to underst& the nitty gritties if want to make a large enterprise on a long term basis by growing organically & same time to adapt & pivot with existing & future trends.

13. How has been your journey so far as an entrepreneur?
The journey so far being an entrepreneur has been quite a trek with lot of bumps also met the good & the bad with lot of persistence & resistance with a single goal in mind, in name of hope, we have finally crossed the road & finally we have completed our masterpiece with a touch of hardwork & dedication to make it one the most promising ventures to grow in India.

14. Where do you see yourself & your venture 5 years from now?
I, see our venture exp& to multiple countries, acquire new talent & integrate more technologies & diversified in more verticals together with development of more innovative applications  along with more tie-ups & partnerships on the  way, Apart from me, who would be a more hardcore serial entrepreneur & plans  to settled down in life.

you can reach them by clicking here


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