Content Syndication and Video Marketing: Easily Build Influence, Traffic and Sales

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Content syndication is a holistic content marketing effort that pushes your content on to third party blogs and websites either as a snippet, complete article, and link or as a thumbnail. The fundamental purpose of content syndication is to drive more user engagement with content. In other words, content is used to stimulate traffic which in turn leads to brand exposure. As I had already mentioned in many of my previous articles- videos, blogs, and web pages come under the ambit of the term ‘Content.’

Video marketing is a type of internet marketing in which advertisers or marketers create very short videos (preferably a 2 minute video) to promote their brand. The short videos are uploaded to various video sharing websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion etc. Articles can be converted into videos by using PowerPoint, Prezi etc.white-board-593300_1280

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Content Syndication and Video Marketing Strategy

It all boils down to identifying one’s business model. Subsequently, one has to establish goals that are in line with one’s business model. Here is an important business pointer- If you are looking to tap the HTTP traffic and drive sales by banking on your blog, sharing the complete article with other third party sites and blogs may not be the best idea. It is advised to share only a piece of content- content having the meta- description, and first paragraph of the article. This strategy helps you capture leads and drive sales.

The next step is to identify your content distribution partners. Identify your requirements and their requirements. Ensure that your requirements dovetail with their policies, terms and conditions. More often than not, content distribution partners require custom RSS feeds, thumbnail images, excerpts from your articles, snippets, titles, custom selected URLs etc. It is all about building a robust content infrastructure.

‘Content infrastructure’ encompasses the following:

  • Content structure
  • Content sharing strategy
  • Content Management

Content structure: It is all about identifying the meta data schemes and content types. It is about finding relevant answers to questions such as- Do you want your content to be shared as a Video, or as an article? Do you want infographic content? Is it in the form of article video marketing?

Content sharing strategy: I suggest you to read my insightful write-up on “Factors that motivate an individual to share content on social media.” Also, do read “10 ways to reuse your content and grow your list of subscribers” and “Convert your content into a conversion machine using these simple tips.” Come up with a content sharing strategy of your own. You can share your content on Reddit, the front page of the internet. Create sub-reddits and manage your content there.

Content Management: Exercise your grey cells to auto-generate feeds in a flexible manner. Avoid manual work. You have to manage content on your social media profiles. These twitter tools  and social media tools may come handy.

When it comes to selecting content syndication partners, you may opt for either paid content syndication players or non-paid content syndication players. Paid content syndication biggies charge from a modest $0.10 per click to a colossal $1.0 per click.

 There is lot more to discuss on ‘Content syndication and video marketing’ but let me reserve it for another day. I have covered the most important information. Keep watching this space for further insights. Cheers!

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