What are the most common marketing mistakes startups make

Startups want to establish themselves as gateways for specific needs of users. One of the things that entrepreneurs yearn for when they run startups is to dethrone industry leaders by dint of marketing strategies. Marketing is in fact a powerful weapon of dominance. Marketing stands for structure. It allows startups to envisage and prognosticate all the possible consequences.  If a startup commits marketing mistakes, its founders and employees will experience nothing but struggle, striving, qualms and schisms.

Enlisted below are the most common marketing mistakes that startups make:

No proper website

Most of the startups do not have websites. Even if they have one, it is improperly designed. Website should be SEO optimized. If it takes more than 25 seconds to load, it is likely that your intended audiences may visit your competitor’s website.

More often than not, small business owners are hell bent on not having a website for the simple reason that they are local players. This is a digital world and more than 95 percent consumers search online. Moreover, a website expatiates your business idea. To all intents and purposes, a powerful and viable business idea looks like a revolution on a website.

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No company blog

If entrepreneurs believe in living life to the full and aspire to be a part of entrepreneurial fraternity, it is imperative to keep in touch with the customers. I guess it will be quite a challenge to run a serious business without a blog. To gain insights on the importance of having a blog, please read Why You Should Maintain a Blog for Your Business? and How Creating a Blog can Help Your Startup Generate More Leads?

Not starting quickly

Most of the startups look for perfection. They do more than sufficient research. In other words, they overdo things and procrastinate launching their product. It must be remembered that perfection is like a mirage. It is only pursued and never attained. Many startups wait for designing the perfect logo, perfect tag-line etc. As long as the logos seems captivating enough and as long as the taglines sounds viable enough, it makes sense to launch the products immediately. Down the line, they can change their business logos, taglines etc. Uber is one of the best examples.image-1


Targeting the wrong audience

Marketers usually target a very large audience. Every gambler (who may be an amateur or a professional) knows that not every bet is going to bring glory. It all boils down to playing the odds and winnows down to identifying the right target audiences and not ‘large’ audiences.

Over Promise and Under Deliver

This is dangerous. It should actually be the other way- “Under Promise and Over Deliver.” Marketing is so variegated that you always have to put in fresh research so as to eventually culminate in euphoric and beneficial scenarios.

Ensure that you do not indulge in the aforementioned marketing mistakes.

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