Things to be considered while choosing a business partner !

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“Coming together is a beginning,

Keeping together is progress,

Working together is success.”

Very rightly said by one of the great authors Henry Ford.
Take out a minute from your busy lives and observe every little thing around. The clothes you wear, the car you drive, the bag you carry, the pen you write with, all are a result of teamwork. The greatest creations in this world have been made possible only with the help of Teamwork.

In the journey of entrepreneurship, it is required to choose the best start-up soul mate. You might be one of those who would believe that they could do it all, most of them aren’t lucky enough. It’s better to bridge the gap and find a co-founder who is creative to suit your company needs.

Let’s see what all things are to be kept in mind while choosing a business partner:

1.  Go by the skills, not education:

Looking for an MBA grad from a top B-School with a 5 point GPA?  Well, in that case you definitely need to change your outlook. Fancy grades might look great on a paper, knowledge and experience supersedes all.

2.  A complementary temperament:

If you tend to run a little hot in a tense moment, get yourself a Cool Hand Luke. If you are one of the serious types, get yourself a charismatic partner. The main idea behind this is to find someone who will fill in the gaps around your personality strengths so that employees, partners, and investors will see and benefit from the balance.

3.  Sharing of Vision:

Your co-founder should be clear with the vision of your venture. It is essential that your partner’s main motivations for joining your venture include a passion for the project you are pursuing.

4. Someone you have history with:

You wouldn’t marry someone you just met. Connecting with someone on interpersonal level beforehand help you work out the kinks before you decide to put it on the line of starting a company. The goal is to learn to work with someone before you learn to start and run a business.

5. A personality you like:

You’ll spend more time with your business partner than your spouse, make sure you pick the right one. If you don’t like your partner, all the other great qualities he/she possesses won’t be enough to sustain you through the long haul of building a business.



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