Buzzsumo research reveals the secret to write viral headlines

One of the reasons why viral websites succeed in garnering the attention of online traffic is because they know the correct way of crafting viral headlines. People tend to share your article without delving into the details only if it has a viral headline. As I had mentioned in many of my previous articles that the attention span of humans is continuously decreasing and today, it just stands at an estimated 8 seconds. So, it doesn’t matter even if you have spent weeks or months in researching the data. It all boils down to having a catchy headline.

Buzzsumo research in its latest and longish article reveals the secret to write viral headlines. The overlying theme of this article is to throw some light on the secret to write viral headlines by picking up some cues form Buzzsumo research.

Components of Viral headlines

Almost all the viral headlines comprise the following elements:

Emotional Elements

To win brownie points, you need to include emotional elements all of conventional and unconventional variety. Emotional elements are those which trigger amusement, surprise, inspiration, beauty, shock, dismay and jubilance.

Content Elements

Images, Facts, Charts, Quotes, Video interaction etc., come under the ambit of Content Elements.

Topic Element

The magnitude of virality and vitality is more pronounced in trending topics such as The T20 World Cup, Donald Trump etc.

Format Element

Format elements are list posts, quizzes, stories, curated research reports etc. An example of list post is here: ‘5 brainstorming techniques to get the best out of your team’   Here is yet another example: 5 simple ways to find influential people and engage with them.

Promise Elements

Promise elements are perfect guides such as ‘The Ultimate Guide to create a perfect landing page’, ‘Step-by-step guide to set up an email marketing campaign’ mates

Here are five proven tips to craft viral headlines:

Be the expert

Project yourself as an expert. For example, ‘10 CTA headlines that may work for you’ is too stereotypical. On the other hand, a headline such as ’10 Killer CTA headlines that will increase the CTR’ will work wonders.

Use Adjectives

Use adjectives. Adjectives spice up the headlines and grab the attention of your intended audiences.

Here is an example: 5 India’s biggest startup networking events for entrepreneurs.

The word ‘biggest’ is in superlative degree and makes the headline even more pronounced.

Ideal Length

Keep your headline length short. Ensure that unnecessary words are omitted and the length should not exceed 15 words. For example, 4Ps of Online Marketing is short and simple.

Pique the curiosity of your readers

 Headlines that include phrases such as “You’ll never believe” or “This is shocking that..” will pique the curiosity of your readers.  Here is an example: “You’ll never believe what and how brands can learn from British Airways.”

Industry Trends

Ensure that you write on trendy topics. For example, if your business is into marketing niche, articles with headlines such as What is inbound marketing and how it can increase your sales? shall work in your favor.

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