7 Best Offices In The World To Work In


Do you love the space you are in? Are you surrounded with accumulated mess of files, books, papers, etc.? Is your workplace full of chaos and clutter?

Your productivity and functionality depends to a great extent on the environment you work in. The competency tends to reduce if you aren’t enjoying the space in which you operate your business. A cool office is one of the most attractive selling points to recruits. Colorful writable walls, a large roof deck, glass conference rooms, a cafeteria, gaming room, etc., offer a great way to connect with co-workers over something other than work.

Here are some of the Start-ups with the coolest offices:


Cool writable walls, colorful workstations, ping pong tables, gaming room, are just a few attributes that make the office of the leading social media network, FACEBOOK, a fun workplace.




With a mission  to make its users smile with great design,the office is filled with Fab products spanning all price points.



Housed in New York City, each room of Forusquare  has a theme that matches a different Foursquare badge (like Socialite and Herbivore). There’s also a small amphitheater, gymnastics rings, a cafeteria, a weekly keg, a ping pong table and a foursquare court.




Situated in Silicon Alley, the office walls of Outbrain are peppered with bright colors with each room inspired by Seinfield having a central piece of modern artwork. The centerpiece of the office is a colorful mural by Puerto Rican artist  Sofia Maldonado, who’s well known for colorful, organic forms.

outbrain-nyc-office-desks1 Outbrain


Located in Manhattan, Quirky is best described as the modern-day invention factory. The design room is the place where inventors’ ideas become a real physical product. It’s office includes a massive test kitchen, a workshop with 3D printers(for prototyping), a paint booth and a store where its products are on display.

2 but-once-you-get-up-that-elevator-there-is-nothing-simple-about-the-office


Graffiti’d conference room doors, veritable jungles decorating work space,ivy and flower-covered walls, Google offices are designed with a goal “to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.” as said by a Google spokesperson in the New York Times

Gtelaviv_05 google-offices-10 google-office-interior-2 google-office-design-700x466


An online destination for foodies headquartered in the New York City, Tasting Table consists of a 6000 sq foot space with enormous skylights and no walls, cubes or individual offices. Tasting Table has not one but two kitchens where the food department develops and tests the recipes that appear in Tasting Table, and the smells waft through the office’s open layout.

tasting-table-office-meeting TKDR_405x405



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