Become a Networking Beast by Following This 5-Step Plan

How to become a good business networker
How to become a good business networker

The traditional boundaries of networking are disappearing with the growth in computers and mobile phones sector. Networking has progressed and evolved as one of the most needed skills in any entrepreneurial undertaking. To be a successful entrepreneur, one needs to be really, really good at it. Be it any conference, exhibition or industrial event, networking skills come handy. It has grown to be a sprawling beast that needs to be tamed.

We bring you a plan structure to help you become a networking beast:

  1. List out your goals

    You must try to identify the purpose, goal and key points of the event well in advance of the event. Make contacts, reach out to people and try to know your audience. Keep the following points in your mind:

    a. What is the purpose of the event?
    b. What role are you going to play in it?
    c. What kind of target or attendees do you want to target?
    d. Does it prospect any leads?

  2. Don’t use any sales’ vocabulary

    Have an unselfish approach and do not babble about the features and benefits of your product/services. You are not there to sell anything but to make contacts and seek opportunities for your business’ expansion and growth. This kind of approach will leave a healthy impression on the target and guarantee a response back from them.

    Also, remember to follow up with everyone after- to make sure that everyone remembers you too.

  3. Let your personality speak for you


    Shed the mechanical, robotic business-like attitude and engage in real conversations with the others. Instead of just sharing and collecting business cards, make meaningful connections. The basic rule of networking is to make connections that would end up in real business deals and opportunities.

  4. Make your presence visible


    Make sure that most of the targeted attendees remember you even after. And in order to realize this wish, you need to be heard and be seen. When at a conference, take part in Q&As. Do not just shoot unreasonable statements- the conversation should be meaningful and intellectual. A strong impression is your key to win contacts.

  5. Have a partner who compliments your weaknesses


    Two are always better than one. Having a wing man or wing woman in a crowd of strangers always boosts up your confidence. Equip yourself with someone who is familiar with you and your shortcomings- so that you have a supportive edge by your side.

    Follow this simple plan and win over connections and contacts at every conference or meeting that you attend. Good luck!

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