Bandstand Entertainment – This digital ad agency provides video solutions to startups

In many of our write-ups, we time and again emphasized that ‘Making Videos’ is a beautiful startup idea. Video is indeed the future of digital marketing. Very often, entrepreneurs use videos to share their startup success stories. One of the noteworthy traditions that elite Indian entrepreneurs have developed in the niche of ‘Video making and video marketing’ is a robust meritocracy that has made tremendous strides in the realms of entrepreneurship. Tuhin, Neel Nigam and Mrinal had the courage and mindset of entrepreneurs to test the waters in the ocean of ‘Video Making’ niche. Starting Bandstand Entertainment was very challenging, but very rewarding at the same time. Today, we bring to your knowledge the success story of Bandstand Entertainment.

About Bandstand Entertainment


Bandstand Entertainment is a digital ad agency that provides video solutions to startups. This startup provides all kinds of video services that includes digital ads, viral ads, Corporate Brand video, Customer testimonials, Hybrid Explainer video and Animation explainer video. This venture has so far worked with around 20 clients and made about 25 ad films. By the end of 2016, Bandstand Entertainment hopes to increase its number of clients and ad films by ten times.

Founders and Co-founders

Bandstand Entertainment

Team Bandstand Entertainment

Tuhin  (Right) is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Neel Nigam (Left) is another Founder & Chief Operating Officer while Mrinal (centre) is the co-founder & Creative Director. Tuhin worked for a while with TVF Pitchers (The Viral Fever), Neel had a decent stint with TWF (The Wedding Filmer) while Mrinal worked in an MNC. The founders and co-founder believe that The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.

Chasing the Entrepreneurial Dreams

On the subject of chasing their entrepreneurial dreams, Tuhin pleasantly replied, “It is always very difficult to start anything. We have gone through a lot while we were starting up but those things have somehow shaped our future in a better way. Struggles and hardships are part and parcel of an entrepreneur’s life and that is something which always keeps you on your toes. While starting up, one may feel like “Is it necessary to start” because of the struggles but one should also not forget that it is a onetime process once you get through that you will cherish your decision of starting up.”

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves

It is undoubtedly our actions that determine the kind of life we all wish to lead. It can be asserted that only those who are inspired will seldom lose conviction. The founders and the cofounder are inspired entrepreneurs. They work round-the-clock to take their venture to the apex. In this demand-driven ultra-competitive world, sincere efforts complemented with inspiration can work wonders. Fortunately, the members of Bandstand Entertainment seem to just have the same.

Tuhin’s ideology

Entrepreneurs can gain great insights from Tuhin’s ideology. Tuhin says that his venture is here to make an impact and not to compete with others. Here is his enterprising remark- “We are not here to compete with anyone or prove anyone wrong. We challenge ourselves and set our own standards. If anyone in our field does something exceptional, we are always here to cheer them.” This clearly proves that one of the many prerequisites for transforming an idea into a business idea is to appreciate and learn from peers and surrounding.

Mission and Vision

After explaining his ideology, Tuhin in his inimitable style talked about his venture’s mission and vision- “Our vision and mission is to make Bandstand a global name in the world of advertising. We are currently offering services on digital platforms but very soon our work would be seen on TV”

Thriving on Positivity

It has been a roller coaster ride for them. They have seen the lows and highs. There were times when they didn’t have work for months but they just hung on and didn’t give up. Being an entrepreneur in a country like India is never easy. One has to go through social hassles, legal hassles and the personal hassles to pass the test of being an entrepreneur.Eventually, they emerged victorious.

 Advice to the fraternity of entrepreneurs

The only advice is to don’t think too much about the future, just startup. Make yourself strong enough to sail through the storms of challenges and obstacles. Success is never achieved overnight, one needs to be patient and keep working harder to achieve one’s aims and goals.

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