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Presents bring dazzling glow, and extra pump of joy and excitement within the receiver. It brings the most beautiful curve- Smile. This little, however, quite significant thing can do miracles!  In this busy world, we forget to take care of ourselves and our dear ones. This is where SurpriseSomeone steps in, to create everlasting bonds of happiness and spread sparkling little things from it’s mysterious bag of surprises. There is an attempt to make everyone feel really really SPECIAL.  


Keeping in mind the customer’s desire of going out of their way for their loved ones, team SurpriseSomeone puts in a lot of efforts in getting things rightly done. It specializes in creating unique gifts for the customer.  Uniqueness occurs with those hand made gifts. Some iconic ideas have been given contemporary twist and each gift tells it’s own story. As the name suggests it helps surprise people and help them make their dear ones feel really special. It helps people plan innovative and thoughtful surprises and its products’ cater the WOW effect. It has a website offering an array of wonderful and unique artefacts.


Pitching of SurpriseSomeone

When asked Pinky (Co-Founder) about the start she enthusiastically told her fable, “Let’s just say that spreading happiness and giving surprises is in my blood. It’s a part of me, it’s how my friends know me. It’s something I always had in my mind while doing a regular corporate job for 10 good years with the world’s largest ad agency and couple of years with telecom. Since it was all about surprises and surprising all the lovely ones out there, we thought what better name can we give it other than . “

How does SurpriseSomeone help customers in their bustling lives?

In this computerized world, people meddle with their mobiles and iPads so much, that it takes over real conversations. Many people undergo loneliness, stress and depression. The need of the hour is to take out time for your real special people. Let them know how much they mean to you. Surprise them, spread smiles, good cheer and positive vibes. Instead of hoping to do something good or just wishing it, SurpriseSomeone helps you to actually do it and it does it in a way that makes you connect with your lovelies.

Initial team of SurpriseSomeone

Pinky Maheshwari (L) and Sharda Daga (R) , Co-Founders of

SurpriseSomeone has a passionate and focused team. Describing her Duo, Pinky said, “Surprise Someone is my baby, my passion! My Mother started last year with almost zero investment. Initially every first step was childlike and was extremely difficult for me as business requires all kinds of skills in a person and not just passion till the time you build up your own team. In the beginning I only had my passion, creativity and a belief that “I can and I will”. Slowly and gradually we developed that business acumen and that’s when Surprise Someone saw its light.”

Future Plans

Expanding business requires planning. It will very soon start flight surprises where customers can surprise their dear ones in air and not just in air but while they watch movies and on top of it also while they dine in by making personalized menu cards. Aiming to enter the corporate market where it wants to touch their mechanical lives and make it more interesting, it will soon start working for telecom and banks where it will be helping their HNI base surprise and connect emotionally with them. 

Things that set them apart from the crowd

As far as SurpriseSomeone is concerned Pinky has totally different approach from the rest of the crowd. Let’s hear it from her, “I never believed in the word ‘competition’. True! there maybe many companies making the same product as us at a different price, but does that really make them our competitors? What gets you the edge is being unique, your individualistic style and manner of expressing. Really there is no competition, just a lot of area to continuously grow, learn and expand.”

Entrepreneurial advice

Attaining success does not give you the authority to fly. Do dream but keep your feet on the ground. Shared success mantra:

-Dream big
-Live simple
-Spread smiles
-Give love
-Laugh lots
-Be grateful

Stay focused and don’t turn back. “NEVER EVER GIVE UP and you would see how your clients GIVE back those hushing blushing smiles”, Pinky added.


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