Are you a Solopreneur?

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There comes a point in life when you feel suffocated in your cubical space.
Going to the office on Monday mornings is like going back to the salt mines. Doing all the spadework but still not getting the deserved recognition adds fuel to the flames.
This is what gives rise to “SOLOPRENEUR”. If we look in the dictionary the term Solopreneur means a person who works alone. Well, in real life it means much more than this. In real life we can say solopreneur is a person who tends to be his own boss and decides to work on his own terms.

Why am I praising Solopreneurship? Let’s find out the reasons !

1. You Call the shots :
It is you who make all the important decisions and is in control of the situation. You are the creator of your own destiny. You can use your skills and knowledge and make the most of it. There is no limit to the possibility of success or progress. You are not answerable to anyone except yourself.



2. Flexibility of time and place:
You can work at your house or even in the coffee shop. You can manage the time according to your comfort and work situation. Remember the time when your boss informed you that you are supposed to work on Diwali too? I hope you get my point now.


3. Productivity:
You intend to hit the ground running when you work for yourself. Solopreneurship helps you focus on the things you love, and as a matter of fact you learn the ropes. This gives you an edge and your company can beat out the bids of other companies by a long shot.

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4. Free from Politics:
Being a Solopreneur can actually help you to avoid the famous “Office politics”. You may have heard the moral turpitude used by the employees to defame the colleagues and come in the good books of the boss. All you hear is tongues wagging about someone’s private and professional life.

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5. Sense of accomplishment:
Working for oneself gives a boost to the personal growth and the satisfaction derived from it is incomparable. It further improves your personal life as you are in a better position to deal with your emotions.
If you have the guts to hang out your shingle, then Solopreneurship is surely your thing.
You are the father of your business and hey, who wants to be known as a “Bad Daddy” 😉


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