Are you a great co-worker?

On an average, it is estimated that an employee spends around 40 hours per week in a corporate office. If you are an employer, you may have to go overboard. Working in a startup atmosphere is all the more challenging. You may end up spending around 60 hours per week. Habits are an index to a person’s character. We all strive to add a wee bit of grace to an everyday necessity. We have to use the utmost caution in steering conversation with clients and workers. With increasing prosperity and a rising standard of living, the art of working is once again assuming the importance it had in the spacious days of ancient Greece and Rome.

To the beatitudes, I would add: “Blessed are the coworkers, for unto them will be open the doors of the social kingdom.” Here are a few traits that a great co-worker possesses:

  1. Minding your own Business:

Izsak Walton once said, “That which is everybody’s business is nobody’s business.” It would be both wise and discreet for all of us to mind our own business. In these days of stress, we should ordinarily have our hands full with our own problems. But there are some people who derive vicarious pleasure from their coworkers’ difficulties. Not only do they go out of their way to explore their coworkers’ discomfiture, but some stoop low enough to listen to irresponsible gossip. If you want to see yourself as a true co-worker, mind your own business. If possible, offer an assistance but do not interfere unnecessarily.


  1. Art of Conversation:

Conversation has that edge of excitement to it, under the influence of modern days’ expansiveness. You can find yourself fascinating, enigmatic, charismatic and altogether quite enchanting if you speak eloquently with others. However, resist any mammoth temptation to disclose personal details. Hide unnecessary feeling behind a wall of non-chalance and say a cheerful “Hello” to all. Remember, a great co-worker is adept in the art of conversation.


  1. Sense of Humor:

According to Lincoln Steffens, “The only thing worth having in an earthly existence is a sense of humor.” Learn to laugh at yourself. It does no harm. On the other hand, it does an enormous extend of good. During the fierce battle of Britain in the Second World War, when German bombers used to blacken the London sky day after day, it was the Cockney sense of humor that kept hope burning bright in every eye. Well does Ernest Hemingway say: “Man can be destroyed, but never be vanquished.”


  1. A Step towards Emancipation:

According to Bulwer Lytton, “Personal liberty is the paramount essential to human dignity and human happiness.” An alliance of social workers and co-workers is desirable and preferable to that of nonchalant workers and co-workers. And, assuredly, happy, beautiful offices go to make happy, beautiful economies and countries.


  1. Giving and Taking Orders:

Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru once said, “Public affairs involve an understanding of each other and faith in the bonafides of colleagues.” Seniority doesn’t entitle anybody to be rude to a junior. If orders cannot be given in such a manner that they can be carried out efficiently and quickly, the fault clearly lies with their giver and not their taker.


If you wish to see yourself as a great co-worker, incorporate the aforementioned traits and believe in the wise saying of Eric Hoffer, “Wise living consists perhaps less in acquiring good habits than in acquiring a few habits as possible.”

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