Answering these 5 questions will help you succeed in life

How many of you would like to carve your own success? How many of you want to live life king-size?

Many of us would like to fulfill our dreams of achieving what our hearts desire. But there is one thing which stops us from going ahead and writing our own destiny.

I too embarked on my journey when I left my regular, well paying, comfortable job last year. I had to push myself out of the comfort zone. Things were not easy and funds were low belonging to a middle class service family, taking this step was a big decision of my life. Everyone around me was skeptical about what I wanted to do and achieve. There were very few people who supported my dreams and what I wanted to do in life. I was like a small puppy lost in the woods trying to find the way back home. As this new world wasn’t familiar, I had a lot of fear inside me. On the way I stumbled and fell. But a very small feeble voice inside me kept reminding me of my dream in life. It kept telling me that I did not come this far to just come this far and return back.

Today, when I look back I realize that I have created a wealth of learning. I am happy with my life and that is what matters. In this article I am happy to share with you, the 5 questions that I asked myself which helped me turn my dream into reality.

1. What’s the purpose of my life? – We all have a dream, a dream to be happy and successful in life. As we grew up, most of us succumbed to the pressures of the society and started living a life defined by it. Unfortunately in the process of providing for life many of us gave up our dreams which were also our passion. You are reading this article itself shows me that your passion to do something in life is still flickering in your heart. Take some time off from your busy schedule – a time which you spend just with yourself and think about your PURPOSE. Each and every life on this planet has a purpose. Take out time to realize what your purpose in life is. Once you discover your purpose, you will realize how much PASSION you have to fulfill it. If there is no passion then you need to re-look at the purpose. A purpose in life automatically brings out the passion to achieve it.

2. Am I clear with what I want to achieve? – Once you have realized your purpose in life and rekindled the passion to achieve it, you need to set goals for it. For setting goals you should be able to see the movie of your life on the 70mm screen i.e. should focus on the BIG picture. Then you need to break it down into small parts. For example, we all have a ‘someday’ goal. To achieve that ‘someday’ goal we need to break it into a five year goal. The five year goal needs to be broken to one year goal which further gets broken down to monthly, weekly, daily and Right Now goals. So if you want to achieve something in future, you need to start working on it from today itself. Someone has very rightly said “One Day or Day One – you Decide”.

3. What did I do today to get a step closer to my dream? – Our minds have a tendency to go back to the comfort zone we have been staying in. It does not allow us to take action to change our lives. The inner voice inside our mind keeps prompting us not to venture forward as it involves risk. Once we set our goals and think of start taking action to fulfill our dreams, the inner voice take a strong hold and does not allow us to move forward by bringing in the word FEAR in our mind. FEAR is nothing but False Expectations Appearing Real. The one way to combat this fear is to ACCEPT the uncertainty and set rules for our lives. In the absence of these rules we tend to go back the same position. So many people aspire to achieve their dreams but because they do not set rules for themselves, they give up on their plans. Ensure it doesn’t happen to you. Make rules for you and be committed to them and then only impossible becomes I M POSSIBLE.

4. What’s my plan of action? – To reach the destination it is always beneficial to decide the right path. Now that you have set goals and decided your rules of the game, plan and strategize your journey. You should prioritize your tasks and schedule them accordingly. In the absence of an action plan, thing will become chaotic and the inner voice will again try to bring you back to your original place. Don’t allow that to happen. Plan your journey well.

5. Do I need help? – Lot of people have trouble requesting for assistance from people around them. They feel that they will come across as weak, needy and or incompetent if they ask for help and support. Asking for help is considered a deficiency in our society. Another fear is that if you ask for help, you will have to surrender all the control and the person you want assistance from will take control of your project. This fear also gives a feeling of being indebted to the person forever and no one likes being indebted to anyone. All I would like to say here is that most of the fears, related to asking for help, are just our fabricated thought process. Keep your goal very clear in your mind and do whatever it takes to reach the summit.  Ask for support and there shall be plenty.

The last but the most important. When you embark on the journey, there will be trials and tribulations. Things may not work out as you want them to. It may fill you with doubts about yourself and your decision to chase your dreams. BUT DON’T GIVE UP. There is a very beautiful poem to sum it all up and I would like to share it with you all.

“When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, when the road you’re trudging seems all uphill, When the funds are low and the debts are high, and you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit- Rest if you must, but don’t you quit. And you never can tell how close you are; it might be near when it seems afar; So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit – It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.”


About the author


Roli Misra is a Motivational Speaker, Leadership Coach, Behavioral Facilitator and an Entrepreneur. Her work is her passion and she has to her credit more than 5000 hours of coaching and facilitating. She loves to work with people equipping them with the right tools to improvise the quality of their life. She is internationally certified and among the best in the industry. Connect with her on Linkedin and Facebook.

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