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Ad copy – The real game changer!

With the digital arena going notches up rapidly there are numerous strategies that can make you a winner in the game of paid advertising. With countless brands across sectors jostling for online supremacy, getting your business the attention it deserves and needs is no easy job. With revenue in digital advertising expected to reach US$2902M in 2018, our paid campaigns need all the more attention.

It is not just a good marketing budget that drives businesses but there are other factors too for a campaign to be successful. To turn objectives into success various aspects associated with paid ads like ad copies, creative banners, ad placements, platforms, timings etc. play an equally important role. Marketers believe that search ads use pull approach, thereby making ad copies the real game changer.

Here are some quick tips for a better ad copy that help in a winning paid campaign:

Mobile strategy isn’t optional
Your customers are on mobile, if you wish to reach them then you need to create ads that speak with such a specific intent. Mobile market share is huge and thus important.

Don’t be keyword dependent
Don’t stuff your ad copy with the keyword you are bidding on more than once. It gives you space for other valuable information thereby making it more clickable and your ad nabs the top ad spot.

Mention special offers and sales
To make your ad more noticeable, make sure you mention the special offer or feature that entices users to click. Make it your key selling point.

Don’t miss out the new features
With expanded text ads option available in the editor, the extra copy gives you the option to demonstrate the value of your business/brands and convince users to click.

Moment Marketing
Moment marketing is fairly self-explanatory and it is making use of any current relevant event as an opportunity to market a product/brand in real time. Digital media is omnipresent and in this virtual world, reacting is indeed the way ahead.

Here is an ad copy that is about 2 years old but explains the need for moment marketing in the best possible way. The rivalry of 2 brands and how moment marketing that wasn’t very popular then stole the show.

It is now or never, do correct paid marketing!


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