How to Acquire New Skills Being a Mom and an Entrepreneur?

Women might be stronger than men but even you can become awfully tired from constant juggling of your roles (a mom, an entrepreneur, and a learner). Once Eleanor Roosevelt said, “A woman is like a teabag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” This quote can help you accept every new challenge beсause each has a particular purpose in our life.

The most recent challenge I had to face was a new language I began learning a month ago. It is still a total nightmare because I can’t handle so many details at once. Yet, I keep on struggling.

One day I began wondering how women cope with acquiring new language skills, raising their children, and doing business. So, I talked with the most active of mompreneurs who were glad to share their experience.

In this post, I’ll discuss the main tips I’ve got from them.

Before you begin a search of a language tutor, check whether you have enough potential to take a new challenge.

  • Patience. If you feel too nervous even about doing the chores around the house, then you need a 2-week rest before you take more tasks.
  • Time-management. You should get ready for tough deadlines and too little time to meet them.
  • A key to inactivity. For me, these are all Mondays and Fridays. To overcome a lack of motivation I create schedules a day before and eat a lot of chocolate.
  • Support of the closest people. Most likely, in a month or two of unbearable pressure, you will be close to giving up if there is no one behind you to repeat you shouldn’t.


What does it take to develop new skills?

When I began learning a new language, I noticed how my memory improved in less than half a year. Once I read in a newspaper about a bilingual research. It suggested that learning a new language you could actually boost your memory and even defer development of Alzheimer’s. Not that I intended to protect myself from this disease in such a way, I simply needed good German to effectively connect with my business partners.

So, it takes a lot of work and time to develop new language skills being a mom. However, with the right tools, you will have a chance to challenge yourself.


  1. Choose a reliable platform for the distant learning

If you can’t attend in-class lessons like other busy mothers then you need a platform for the distant learning. One of this could be which offers online lessons by Skype. It’s a perfect alternative, especially if you have to stay at home with a toddler. Take your time to select a good tutor who can adjust to your schedule and understand why you cancel a lesson an hour before its beginning.


  1. Install good apps to help you memorize and retain more information

According to one Australian study, sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion, and overstrain are the factors that cause some memory loss during the pregnancy and even after the birth of a child. It is something many of the interviewed women also experienced. One of them pointed out: “I couldn’t recall even a new address. What’s worse it slipped off my head right after I wrote it.”


There was the time I didn’t believe I would cope with my German too because my memory worsened. Thankfully, my tutor recommended Quizlet and Memrise as memory boosting tools for learners.


  1. Find helpful tools to manage all your schedules and tasks

It’s our constant lack of time that makes us so irritated and depressed. Therefore, I prepared you a list of task-management tools if you want to take a grip of your life, education, and business. I use Todoist because it’s as simple as my 4-year-old daughters’ language. It helps me divide my personal and business tasks. I juggle a lot of functions but I never mix work with my studies or home. What I realized is that you can’t actually do a few things at once because it weakens your focus and as a result, productivity.  


  1. Sleep, eat and get rid of stress with creativity

I bet you’ve thought it’s your mom’s duty not to sleep well and neglect your own needs for the sake of your child and family. As a dad, I thought that way too when one day I was flying from my parents’ home with little Jessica and the stewardess’ sentence almost stroke me, “First fasten your own mask and then help your child.” Isn’t it too dangerous for a child? Yet, it’s reasonable because if something happens with a parent, a child won’t survive too. So, we should take care of ourselves if we want your children to have healthy and smiling parents.

For those of you, dear mompreneurs, who feel too stressed at the moment even having enough sleep I do offer to try another lifehack. Awaken your creativity with the hobbies you like. You need these little pleasures to stay positive and raise happy kids.

Finally, if you want to try yourself and learn a language, don’t use an excuse “I’m taking care of a child”. There are many ways to combine your learning with other responsibilities. What you need is to choose some personal helpers and pursue your goals.

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