6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Content

As important as it is to develop the right content and for the right audience, it is the overall presentation, sharing and circulation of the content that makes your content worthwhile. It takes a great deal of time and effort to come up with a right blog/article/ post and then to do a proper justice with them, one needs to maximize its potential and reach by presenting it in the right way.

We bring you few tips through which you can empower and accredit your content:

  1. Order and Layout
    UntitledMake sure your content looks good. Don’t make it too fancy or too bland. With an increase in smart phones and tablets usage, keep it in mind that your content should work well on every screen. CTAs and search boxes should work well and efficiently, be it a tablet, a PC or a phone. This contributes to you content’s performance.
  2. Repurpose your content
    Running a business could be a hard job. It might look credible to have original content and facts regularly, but let’s face it; it is far from being practical. Your content need not be new every time, you can always reuse, remodel and repackage your content to make it look new to your subscribers. For instance, you can always bring up past popular posts and remodel it to according to your present needs. Important: Repurpose does not mean copied work.
  3. Communicate through a video
    Take out the key points from your content and make a video out of it. Have a narrative explanation of key features and benefits of your product or service. Insert bullet points in the form of text, but altogether, make it a new experience for your subscribers each time they visit your portal. Let the attraction never fade out.
  4. Recommend supplementary content

Recommending extra related content always helps in bringing the visitors back to you. The more time they    spend with your content, the better the experience get. Offering additional posts also adds a bling to your  otherwise plain content.

  1. Connect with other social networking platforms


Easy-to-use social sharing icons help in promotion and spreading of your content to other levels of social platforms. Let your visitors/subscribers contribute to the distribution of your content. If you want to create a wide community reach for your content, make sure to add the ‘comment’ section. Editor’s interaction with the subscribers and conversation among the subscriber would give you the much need engagement every brand/service needs.


  1. Work on the discoverability of the old posts


It often happens that your good old content gets lost beneath the pile of freshly generated posts. If so, work on the discoverability of your content to get over with this ‘limited-shelf life’ issue. Organize your content in a meaningful way with searching options.

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