6 tips to make sure that your emails are opened

Skilled at multitasking as most of the entrepreneurs are, many a time, instincts rule their email marketing campaigns. The outcomes of the email marketing campaigns govern their actions. But as peculiar as the campaigns may be, entrepreneurs shall find themselves in being their own assured selves. Marketing teams should wrest the initiatives and lend variety to the email marketing campaigns. An effective email often errands for an organization’s success. Here is a list of 6 tips to make sure that your emails are opened and read:

  1. Best beginning:

The first sentence of the email should always be an attention grabber. If it is a run-of-the-mill sentence, it will be sent to trash with no second thought. Make the readers go agog by beginning with a promising first sentence. At the same time, ensure that it is concise, catchy and witty. Whatever the circumstances may be, misspelling and mispronunciation in the first sentence are unpardonable lapses.


  1. Subject line:

People spend a lot of time reading quality emails. So, it is suggested to send mails with a personalized subject line. If it appears to be generic to the target audience, the mails will be dispatched to trash. Put some extra finishing touches to the subject line. Do away with any slightest tendency that gets you sloppy. It is important that you tie up any loose ends and go the extra mile to impress your target audience.


  1. Being visual:

Juxtapose the content with visuals. Visuals will shape your mails and they help you feel more expressive than usual. Most of the customers are visual learners. Go on an overdrive to make it more captivating by integrating a video in the mails.


  1. Email-etiquette:

Let me explain with an example: A friend pleaded innocence in his refusal to say ‘Thank you’, when somebody extended a courtesy to him, by explaining that in India, people appreciate good acts in their hearts, and do not need to give expression to this appreciation through their lips. Maybe. However, in email marketing, one must follow the principles of email etiquette. An email signature is a symbol of professionalism. Use your real names and genuine email addresses while sending mails to your target audience. Keep it simple, yet effective. To forget to say ‘thank you’, ‘please do visit’ where the expressions are necessary, only sours our relations unnecessarily.


  1. Regularity:

Remember, irregularity is a discourtesy that accentuates discomfort. So, be regular in sending mails to your target audience. Punctuality is imperative. It is as bad to be unduly early as it is to be unduly late. The former indiscretion implies that we are a little too eager to woo our target audience; the latter that we do not have much respect for the target audience.


  1. Call-to-action links:

Call-to-action links enrich the purpose of the email marketing campaigns. It is a signpost of a complete mail. Incorporate the necessary call-to-action links.


So, the next time you send mails to your target audience, incorporate the aforementioned 6 tips to make sure that your emails are opened and read.

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