6 Horrible Excuses for Not Chasing Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

It often happens that people develop the habit of making excuses once they face setbacks in their lives. They try to hide their disappointments behind their excuses. Or one may push aside one’s dreams or disguised opportunities just because “the time isn’t right” or “the good days are gone”. Successful entrepreneurs are prefixed as being ‘successful’ just because they sidelined their excuses, not dreams.

Following are some horrible excuses that may prevent you from achieving your desired targets:

  1. “Gone are the days”
    You are never ever ‘too old’ for trying out something new or dreaming new dreams. You can achieve anything that you’ve set your mind to, irrespective of whatever your age may be
    . Reid Hoffman co-founded LinkedIn at the age of 35 and Henry ford was 45 when he created Model T. Age simply doesn’t matter.
  1. “This is scary”
    Fear is your biggest enemy. Everyone is scared while starting any new venture or testing unchartered waters. This is anything but unnatural. But what really matters is the way you win over your fear and weakness and achieve the target. Turn your fear into motivation, making it your ladder to success.
  2. “I might not succeed”
    Failure is a harsh reality and one cannot escape this fact. But one can also not let it be a hindrance to your goal. No one is above time and your true duty lies in trying and working hard for your dreams, not in worrying about the future prospects.
  3. “There isn’t enough money”
    Never let the shortage of funds shorten your aspirations. Work harder, raise revenues and sponsors. Be efficient and productive, the end result will highlight your efforts that would in turn attract the attention of the world. You do not need billions to be successful; all you need is the will for it.
  4. “I don’t have the required energy or time”
    This is probably the worst excuse that one could come up with. Every other person has got a day with 24 hours in it and that’s what you get to achieve what you strive for. Deal with it. Make time your slave. Chart out a timetable, manage your other affairs and highlight your priorities. Stay focused and everything will fall into right pieces.
  5. “I lack resources and connections”
    Haven’t got any connections? Kick some doors, go social networking and build up your profile. To put this in other words, social media is the answer. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn- you can go places, meet new people and develop entrepreneurial relationships all with few clicks, sitting on your couch.
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