Instagram Marketing Strategy: 5 Types of images that will boost your Instagram engagement

The online mobile photo sharing and video sharing social networking service Instagram, allows companies to convey messages pictorially. The term ‘visualization’ has multiple meanings. In a broad sense, it may mean conveying the idea through pictures rather than conveying the same in words. By using various layouts, themes and patterns, the idea can be conveyed and emphasized. When it comes to visual advertising and using visuals in marketing, nothing can match the hype and performance of Instagram. To all intents and purposes, engagement will be high because of the following reasons:

  1. More often than not, people own a smart phone. In addition, they have continuous access to internet.
  2. Instagram is a unique instant photo sharing app. People love to see and share stock images in beautiful filters. When it comes to performance, nothing can beat the line of competition.instagram marketing strategy
Instagram Marketing Strategy

Using these types of images will sky rocket your Instagram engagement.

  1. Customer Oriented:

Social media marketing is all about engaging your followers. To be specific, it is all about engaging your customers. So, while sharing content or posting content to ‘Instagram’, just focus on the value that the content adds to your customers. Post the content that seems relevant enough to your products. Post a picture that is co-signed by a few followers. Do not forget to use hashtags. This keeps the other followers interested in searching for your profile.

  1. Employee Oriented:

Customers are always interested in delving into the details of their favorite brand’s staff and employees. Without employees, an organization is rendered baseless, faceless and toothless. To enhance branding and increase the followers count, it is best to share a few light moments with them. Capture those moments and post it to Instagram. For example, you may post the pictures of vacation or a holiday trip that you cherished with them. This conveys that your organization is employee friendly.

  1. Instagram Contest Oriented:

What do you think is the best way to stay connected with your customer base? Well, one of the most promising ways is to organize Instagram contests. For instance, you may encourage your customers to post pictures of your products. You may encourage them to post their most cherishing moments with a hashtag. Reward them. The prizes need not be extravagant. Simple and small gifts will work wonders.


  1. Product Oriented:

Instagram’s visual layouts and interface allow you to present your products in an innovative way. For example, you may exhibit the range of colors that are available for a particular product say shirts. You may proceed with a similar marketing gambit for popular outfits and apparels.

  1. Blogger Oriented:

Well, this may seem a bit ridiculous. No doubt, product oriented, customer oriented and employee oriented images are the cornerstones of engagement. However, a blogger adds credibility to your social media marketing gambits. For instance, a blogger’s endorsements and testimonials can win the hearts of his/her followers. As a consequence, his/her followers become advocates of your company. Tech bloggers can come out with some useful apps that let you go in sync with Instagram.


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