5 types of blog posts to drive sales for your startup

5 types of blog posts to drive sales

Have you ever wondered, why in spite of posting such amazing blog posts, you weren’t able to amplify your sales? Kneading your thoughts in a different way might work! Untie new knots to entice the traffic. Spin your mind to include some voguish words that tempt the readers. Surely you’ll be able to attract potential customers.

To help you more with this, we have gathered some best pieces that will surely skyrocket your sales.

5 types of blog posts to drive sales

The eye catchy- How to…

Normally a reader’s expectation from a how to… blog post is a clear and transparent, linear escort through the topic. Nevertheless, it is easy for the reader to deduce from it.

To add more value to your how to… blog you can take away the following points:

  •     Cherry-pick relevant topics: Suppose you post- how to subdue debt or create a social media market plan or use funds efficiently or anything that you feel would help your clients. In this way you tend to provide them with a step by step guide and solve some popping issues. It will elevate your credibility and nurture your sales too.
  •     Don’t blurt out everything: Simply to maintain your importance! Write in such a way that the reader gets curious to know more. Keep a little information hidden from your audience as it will help rejuvenate eagerness towards you. And so will the reader be tuned for a new hack, or look up to you for more.
Power of Infographics

Use infographics to decoy the readers. For example, have a look at this article. They help your blog to be acknowledged in a better way. Information is provided in a nutshell that makes your post easy to digest and more accessible. In some measure, it will lend a helping hand to your clients and if they like your infographics they’ll definitely circulate it with their audience. So look up for attractive infographics that suit your post and add some context to it to increase its utility.

Create a To-do list

Predominantly, you are formulating a manifest for your clients. It makes sure that they aren’t missing out any weighty information or important tool. With it you can add on what service you provide and what is its importance. They will genuinely be interested in ticking the whole To-do list for a stronger stand. As it will act as a benchmark of expectations.

blog posts to drive sales

Illusion of comparison

Human nature is such that, while buying something or investing somewhere we tend to compare with what is available in the market; so will your clients do! So why not you yourself create a comparison post? This will highlight your services and make you sound better and efficient in the comparison. Do make sure points that are posted on your behalf are 100% true.

Voice of brand advocate

Brand advocates are the ones who are very much flattered by your brand. They talk about your brand and feel enthusiastic in doing something for it. Get in contact with them. They will heartily write as a guest author for your brand.

P.S. Please make sure that only gracious points are put forward. Also, surprise them for their sweet favor.

Well! This will help you engage new cult and increase sundry voices as well. You will be able to create a broad network of people who write for the blog.  Moreover, this will put your pressure at bay.

Small little changes in your current writings infusing with the trend can make it a big hit for your sales. Start implementing these tricks and see the magic yourself. Carve out a niche for your sales and hike up your promising clients.

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