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Twitter is an online social networking platform where users can tweet taut text of 140 characters. Entrepreneurs feel the rapture of joy if they win the hearts of their followers. Entrepreneurs often find themselves on Twitter punctual to the intended tweets. If an entrepreneur fails to manage his/her followers, his/her appeal among the vast majority of his twitter followers’ base may be dented. The entrepreneur’s aura of targeting tweets towards target audiences may be dimmed. To preclude such scenarios, entrepreneurs must manage his twitter followers and twitter profile.

Here is a list of twitter tools every entrepreneur must know of:

Manage Filter:

Manage Filter allows you to systematize your Twitter followers. You can identify the people who aren’t following you back. In addition, you can determine the number of inactive followers. Manage Filter is provisioned with an interesting medley of symbols and emoticons. A sad emoticon signifies that someone isn’t following you back while a red button with an ‘X’ on it signifies that the followers are inactive. You may bulk unfollow a group of people you deem unworthy. You create an account here.


Entrepreneurs are seasoned personalities. They try their best to act maturely. However, a few tweets may stoke up the anger of followers. In such a scenario, the entrepreneur is bound to lose his/her followers. TweetEffect lets you determine the tweets that won the hearts of your customers. In addition, TweetEffect lets you determine the tweets that made you lose your followers. After each and every update, your follower count can be determined.

Update: TweetEffect is dead due to changes in the Twitter API


This is a Social Media Automation tool that lets you schedule your tweets. By scheduling your tweets, you get an opportunity to thoroughly overhaul your tweets. This twitter tool piques the curiosity of your followers as they expect tweets at regular time intervals. You can do away with the fear of losing followers. You can create an account here


This is a certified Twitter management tool that lets you make the most of your twitter account. It is well stocked with various features that let you find your influencers, ideal time to tweet, organize twitter campaigns etc. If you haven’t used this, start using this immediately.Apart from SocialOomph which is a well-known social listening tool, experts and novice entrepreneurs rely on SocialBro to surprise and satisfy their follower lore. You can register for the trial account here.

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