5 tools to create interactive content

Gone are the days when lengthy and monotonous content was appreciated by audiences. Content is no longer about words and sentences. It is more about information and interaction. Content should trigger excitement amongst all your target audiences. No doubt blog posts are useful but here is the fact- Blog posts with lengthy content do not capture the attention of your target audiences. The need of the hour is to create interactive content. Here is a list of 5 tools to create interactive content:


If you want your photos and videos to engage and empower your target audiences, ThingLink is your best bet. This interactive media platform lets its users to create maps, infographics, posters, family albums, product catalogs etc. The best thing about ThingLink is that it allows its users to keep track of how people interact with content as the content spreads across the web. ThingLink reduces bounce rates and plays a vital role in keeping your audiences mates


Ceros is another powerful interactive content creation software that lets its users create infographic, unique, compelling and interactive content. This platform is a boon to all non-tech guys as it requires zero coding. Some of the popular names using Ceros are Red Bull, Bloomberg, Contently, Mashable etc. Here is a sentence picked from Ceros website- Everybody’s making infographics these days- but most of them are pretty uninspiring. Ceros lets you turn data into engaging and interactive experiences.


If you want to create polls, surveys, videos, tests and quizzes to keep your audiences engaged, Apester is your best bet. Brands can use Apester to give their audiences some unique story telling experiences. Here is a sentence picked from the Apester website- Apester is changing the digital storytelling experience by empowering its readers to take a more active role in the content they consume. Some of the popular names using Apester are The Telegraph, The Huffington Post, etc.


Videos play a vital role in creating unique experiences to audiences. More often than not, viewers feel like interacting with items they have seen in videos. WebyClip does the same by taking customer journey to a whole new level. Some of the popular names using WebyClip include eBay, Shopclues, Microsoft Ventures, Google Cloud Platform etc. WebyClip enhances your sales and decreases bounce rates as well.


Mapme is a mapping tool that allows brands to create smart and beautiful maps. The created maps can be shared with intended audiences. Data can be imported to maps and then, maps can be embedded in the websites. Some of the popular names that use Mapme are Forbes, VentureBeat, SocialMedia Examiner, weebly etc.

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