5 Strategies for Brands Playing Catch-up on Social-Media Marketing

Social media networking, today, is the fastest evolving industry and marketers are coming up with many innovative and creative ways to advertise and promote their brands. Fueled by the increase of mobiles users, social media advertising increased by 35% in 2013 over 2012. Despite the growth, marketers are still attempting to decode newer strategies for generating new business, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.


Market your brand
Apart from the old school platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, some new channels of social media like Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest have come up as digital influences, offering engagement and commerce with the customers. Customers today, expect their brands to engage with them on a personal level and it thus, becomes purposeful for the marketers to devise ways of interaction through social media marketing.


Anchorage others’ followers
It requires a lot of investment from companies to create their initial fan base. And once done, it demands even more time and efforts to engage and interact with them, while constantly competing with other brands who try to catch more fishes in their nets. This may prove to be one notch higher for smaller startups. Then why not take advantage of the brands that have already done the tougher jobs of building this audience-company relationship?


Keep your posts brief
An ideal Facebook post is said to be containing 50 words. A tweet offers you 140 characters to update your entry. It is advisable to keep your text brief.  A post should be smaller in characters but effective in terms of engagement. Images and videos attract your followers more. Say it with pictures instead of simply copying and pasting boring texts in every tweet/update.


Minimize negative feedbacks
Once you register your presence on social marketing, you open yourself to both negative and positive feedbacks. Positive feedbacks earn you plus points and negative feeds take your brand value down. Try to respond to your customers’ complaints in timely manner, avoiding any negativity and preventing your competitors to dig up benefits from your bad image.


Keep it unconventional and outlandish
If your foot is firmly set in the market and you know your audience well, then you can extend your charms and captivate your followers by saying something outlandish and eccentric. Keep an unconventional relationship with your audience. Keep it bold and quirky and people will love it.

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