5 step guide to make your first business pitch

Looking for a substantive outcome form every business meeting has become the order of the day. Each and every company is eager enough to gain a foothold in the booming business sector. A proper business pitch can engender an aura of confidence among employees and employers. To engage in business partnerships and maintain the professional etiquette, one must understand the nitty-gritty of an effective business pitch. A business pitch is a double edged sword that is never based on half-truths, false hoods and gross exaggeration. In a nutshell, stay away from the jargon and spice-up the practical ideas. More often than not, the smart and shrewd business class will find ways to strengthen the dragnet of competition by following the corporate protocol suite of mergers and acquisitions.  As a consequence, the entry of less heralded organizations and start-ups becomes all the more difficult. In the fitness of such circumstances, an incomplete business pitch would mean an admission of guilt and a gesture of defeat.laptop-651727_1280


To draft a business pitch or an investor pitch, follow these steps:

  • Outline your strategy: Many a time, business plans are diversely strategic. Cherry pick the most feasible strategy. Do quote the organization’s USP and be concise. Verbosity is never desirable. Explain your strategy in a formal way by often emphasizing the vitalities of the business pitch.strategy-390307_1280
  • Say Yes to facts: A good mathematical and business acumen may ensure a victory. To emerge in credit, ditch the hypotheses and embrace facts. Fiction is fleeting but facts are forever. Execute your business strategy on all the available avenues. Calculate the risk ratio. More often than not, a calculated risk allows you to assess the feisty challenges from top notch industrialists.



  • Do away with the doctrines and budget the expenses: Budgeting the expenses is no pushover. While budgeting the expenses, always remember with a caveat that half knowledge is dangerous. Hence, do proper research. Focus on immediate goals, short term goals and long term objectives. However, it is indeed a wishful thinking that the concept of a ‘perfect plan’ shall be a bliss.budget-2013-marketing-planning
  • Strike a tandem: Listen to the words of your customers. Respect their reviews. Hence, incorporate a schedule to track and manage their suggestions. A historic mandate would ensure a vice like grip in the business sector. Assign responsibilities to your personnel and train them. To add a dash of color, offer deep discounts that ensure a reasonable profit margin. Mention the advertising strategies that ward off the air of despondency.Myventure post
  • Play your cards right: Do not embitter your customers. It is best to proactively sense the desperation writ on their faces. Do the needful without much ado. Remember that many a business come to fruition only after gaining the approval of customers. Hence, overhaul your products to confirm a place in their hearts. Doing is the key to surge of creative energy in your work place.

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