5 Social Media Mistakes that scream : “Do Not Hire Me!”

With ‘offers of employment’ topping our priority list, most of us compete blindly in the rat race to nail a job. The resumes being an integral part of our job-hunt, it somehow limits our horizon to think beyond them.

In such a case an important pre-requisite to be kept in mind, to ace a job, is to equally scrutinize our social media handles. In point of fact, a study conducted by Career Builders proved that employers do go through candidates’ social media profiles to get a better know of the people they’re about to hire.
And trust us, Social Media blunders would be the last thing that you would want to lose an opportunity for. Here are 5 Social media mistakes that you must avoid :



1. Poor Spelling And Grammar Skills

Shorthand typing is fine until and unless it doesn’t make you sound like a jerk. For eg. Updating your status’/picture captions as ‘mah lyf mah rulzz’ could definitely creep out your employer and put your job at stake. Not all of us our blessed with the talent to write long captions and sentences in good English, but decent, meaningful words in correct spelling do no harm either.

2. Being Biased Towards Social Issues Or Putting Provocative Content

If you like to joke upon the trending social issues and enjoy giving inflammatory remarks, then it’s better you tame your ways, the sooner the possible. Your statements in ‘good humor’ might offend a potential employer and ultimately shelf your chances to bag a job before even starting your job search.

3. Unsuitable Display Pictures

With selfie being the new-age trend, we often ought to capture each and every second of our lives. But taking a mirror selfie, flaunting the apple logo on your smartphone and the muscular body that you’ve accomplished through hours of gyming, might not be a good way to impress your employer. Your future boss might envisage you as an amusing character which could rob off your job chances.

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4. Fake Qualification Details

Admit it or not but your social media handles are a direct reflection of your personality. Hence, it becomes necessary for the information in your resume to correctly match with the ‘About’ details on your profile. Most of us feed fake details in order to boast our qualification skills; but in reality if you’ve graduated from a private, local university of your district and have mentions of ‘Harvard University’ as your past college, then you could really, really land up in trouble!

5. Use Of Fancy Font Accents

Use of fancy font accents on your profile names might make you look like a wannabe. Or using alphabets in different accents of various languages could make you stand entirely out of the job recruitments. You may be beautifying your profile but your potential employers would not have the same viewpoint.

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