5 Smart ways to use WhatsApp for your business

As a future manager who operates in a global environment, you are expected to be proficient in using communication tools that more than half of the business world uses and in this environment, not knowing about the smart ways to use WhatsApp for your business is not just a handicap but a definite, tangible disadvantage. Smart use of WhatsApp will expedite the process of project management and customer communication. In addition, assimilating ideas and soliciting feedback from customers are on the cards. However, unfortunate fallout of this nonchalant complacency is that when a manager stays ignorant of the smart ways to use WhatsApp for his business and its extent, he is all at sea.


Here are 5 smart ways to use WhatsApp for your business:

  1. Project Management:

To achieve this, you just require an exclusive WhatsApp group. Add members to this group and share your work updates. Rather than relying on Customized Management Software such as Trello, it is better to use WhatsApp as this application is available on desktops and on mobiles. WhatsApp can be deemed a diminutive yet efficient project management tool.


  1. Promotion:

A stitch in time saves nine. This is what exactly is doing. Rather than exclusively relying on conventional marketing channels for product promotion, is using WhatsApp for spreading the good word about its products. To keep its users engaged, Spoon joy, a Bangalore based food delivery service banks on WhatsApp. To keep its 1000+ members informed about the activities, Bangalore based Bajaj Avenger club is banking on WhatsApp. It is maintaining 10 different groups to keep its members informed.

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  1. Customer Support:

Business can launch dedicated helplines powered by WhatsApp numbers. This applies not only to businesses but also to non-business pursuits. For instance, Delhi Police launched a dedicated helpline powered by WhatsApp number: 9910641064. Herein lies the intriguing fact- On the very first day, the Delhi Police received more than 20000 messages. Following the same train of thoughts, Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) launched a dedicated Volvo bus helpline service.


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  1. Meetings:

Why do you opt for WebEx meetings? It is better to use WhatsApp. WhatsApp allows you to upload files, images and videos. It allows you share what you all upload. Think different. Save money. Go for WhatsApp!

  1. Internal communication:

There are a plethora of communication tools such as Gmail, hangouts, Skype etc. However, ‘ease-of-use’ feature of WhatsApp has worked wonders. With the advent of WhatsApp, other messenger apps have almost become passé.


Many entrepreneurs have already realized the benefits of using WhatsApp. It is recommended that you flock with birds of the same feather. Perfection in your business ideas will materialize only if you smartly use WhatsApp for your business.

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