5 simple ways to find influential people and engage with them

Be it any profession and any niche, you will not be given all the opportunities to spring up quite a few pleasant surprises. That being said, you will have enough resources and creativity to make the best of everything that comes your way. Influencers are resources with tall claims, brilliant credentials and huge follower-base. To understand the importance of influencers, I cordially invite you to read my write-up on 5 reasons why influencer marketing should be a part of your Marketing strategy. Let us now head over to 5 simple ways to find influential people and engage with them:

 Twitter Influencers

Twitter is more than a social networking platform. To gain more insights, I recommend reading ‘How to find right Twitter Influencers to grow your business?’social-349568_640

Use Topsy

Topsy is a social search analytics search engine. It more or less works like Google Search. However, Topsy searches through tweets. Interesting…isn’t it?  Type your niche word or keyword in the Topsy Search. You will get a plethora of results. You can adjust the time restraint and get the latest results. This way, you will be able to find out all the active bloggers and industry influencers.

Use Klout

Klout is a website founded by Joe Fernandez. It is also available as a mobile app. Klout uses social media analytics to rank its users. All the users are given a Klout Score which is a numerical value ranging from 1 to 100. Users with higher Klout score are considered to be online social influencers.

Use PeerIndex

PeerIndex is a social media analytics platform that helps all social media contributors to assess their influence score. PeerIndex tracks as many as 45 million Twitter profiles and hence, using PeerIndex, you can identify the industry leaders in your niche.

Use Technorati

Technorati used to be a famous blog search engine. It had a directory of hundreds of millions of blogs. However, Technorati ditched its services in 2014. That being said, there are a few websites that still store the final list of the top 1000 blogs. You can identify the blogs pertaining to your niche and subsequently identify the influencers.

Once you have identified your industry influencers, do the following:

  • A single like or positive review from an influencer will work wonders. Ask influencers to ‘like’ your blog post.
  • Ask them to tweet a positive review.
  • Ask them to write an article for you. This will increase your online traffic.
  • Keep in touch with influencers.
  • Take their permission and publish their articles in your blog space.

There is another tool called Edge Rank Checker that helps you find influential people. It assists you in finding your niche influencers.

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