5 Reasons why TVF Pitchers is popular among entrepreneurs

TVF Pitchers tried its best to simulate the likes of Silicon Valley in terms of greatness. Its success is not a flash in the pan. Its episodes are based on the idea-“Anything that makes an entrepreneur to take a chance and encourages a leap into the new is very helpful. Anything that is very different and offers untold scope is bound to inspire the vision of entrepreneurs. One needs to break through the conundrum to enter the present more fully.” In the beginning of each and every episode, the wretched run of a persisting problem continues. However, as the episode comes to a crescendo, a viable solution to the problem is already in the offing.

Here are the 5 reasons which makes TVF Pitchers popular :

  1. Realistic concept:

All the episodes are based on the inspirational pursuits of Indian entrepreneurs. Nothing is exaggerated. It’s about being realistic. The goals of the entrepreneurs are realistic and never seemed impossible to achieve. Being in a committed, long-term relationship with one’s goal is appealing but it’s a lot of work!

  1. Identifying the differences:

 TVF Pitchers did well to add a touch of Indian work culture. In India, if one has to beef up the dream of becoming an entrepreneur, approval of families, friends and well-wishers is necessary. However, in America, it isn’t mandatory. So, TVF Pitchers customized the episodes to grab the attention of its target audience.

  1. Perseverance:

The characters go through the challenges that question the very existence of startups. It appears as if they are out of their league. Very often, challenges push them into a corner. Eventually, their perseverance coupled with a sense of humor will break the jinx and the characters take comfort in the good things that they believed in doing for the great good of startup.

  1. Denying the expectations of audience:

Initially, not many expected it to be a success. However, in the very first episode, it left its audience astonished with its plot. The first episode had many questions left unanswered. It threw the audience into a state of awe. By maintaining this element of awe and curiosity, TVF Pitchers left its audience fantasizing about everything.

  1. Feedback from the viewers:

Armed with path breaking ideas, pleasant surprises and brilliant dialogues, the episodes have created an impact on the lives of serious viewers. The fancy jargon of the characters is fabulous. All these factors made it a huge success. After each and every episode, its founders solicited feedback from its viewers and thanked them. The viewers responded in the affirmative and opined that it is time for a space so that new elements can emerge in partnership.

They liked it. Did you?

Thanks a lot for this beautiful article.

Posted by TVF Pitchers on Monday, August 10, 2015
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