5 reasons why influencer marketing should be a part of your Marketing strategy

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which potential individuals having influence on buyers are identified and subsequently targeted. It has emerged from a variety of very recent practices and studies. Not astonishingly, influencers can be potential buyers or third parties. The third parties may be business analysts, market research analysts, professional advisers, journalists etc. Most of the brands orient their marketing activities and channelize their efforts to grab the attention of influencers. Here are 5 reasons why influencer marketing should be a part of your marketing strategy:

1.       Cost effectiveness:

Like Word-of-Mouth marketing, influencer marketing is cost effective and hence economical. Influencer marketing can play a stellar role in influencing customer decisions. For example, if a blogger enjoys a huge fan base, it is best to transform him into an evangelist promoting your products, thereby channelizing your efforts to market your products. The blogger’s thoughts have to be attuned to meet your expectations and those of customers.


2.       Credibility:

Instead of trying to make sense of everyone else’s opinion, people generally zero in on an influencer. Credibility is an intangible asset. Influencers have the unique ability of bulldozing their points through. Here is an interesting piece of information from Digital Intelligence Today- About 92 percent of people trust recommendations from people they already know, about 70 percent trust online consumer opinions, about 40 percent trust search engine ads. Interestingly, only 36 percent trust ads on social media. If your influencer is an evangelist who is already known to your customer base, influencer marketing is your best bet.


3.       Re-inventing the wheel:

If a product is one of its kind, unparalleled and most importantly the first of its kind, many market research analysts and strategists seem to have resorted to the modus operandi of influencer marketing. An influencer can make your product conspicuous.


4.       Win-win relationship:

If your influencer is playing the role of an evangelist and is well within your budget, you can look for a long term association and a mutual win-win relationship. An influencer is likely to create memorable customer experiences. So, it becomes your responsibility to create Eureka moments to the influencer. Make your marketing all the more vibrant with the help of an influencer.


5.       Resurrection of your product:

Well, each and every product should enter its declining stage. It may become obsolete and hence, people tend to do away with that product. During such times, it becomes imperative to disseminate facts about the product to your target audience. To update the changes about the revamped product, an influencer should be your overwhelming favorite.


Use your will and determination to put some extra finishing touches to your marketing strategies by counting on influencer marketing. You can breathe a huge sigh of relief and start smiling!

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