5 Questions to Ask Yourself While Planning your Marketing Strategy

Very few of us fill “the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run” and these lost seconds add up to lost minutes; lost minutes add up to lost hours; lost hours add up to lost days; lost days add up to lost years; and lost years add up to a fruitless life, or a life in which so much is remained undone. Regrettably, the day is far too short, and there is so much to do if you wish to be a real leader. Many aspiring entrepreneurs plan a decisive marketing strategy to achieve astonishing results. The secret of whatever little success that an established or a budding entrepreneur enjoys is merely because of the most pragmatic marketing strategy plan. In other words, the plan should assume a well-ordered pattern comprising the subtleties and nuances of organization’s objectives, aims and approaches. He who drafts a wise marketing strategy is a composure of outstanding merit. Comprehending the finer line of difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan is of paramount importance. More often than not, marketing strategy consists of “what” has to be done. However, marketing plan consists of “how” a particular task has to be done. Do ask the following questions to yourself. If the answer to these questions is in the affirmative, you have unlocked the doors of success and achievement.


  • Is my marketing strategy organized and purposeful? It is best to follow the wise words of the Italian Polymath, Leonardo Da Vinci, “Strong and organized purposefulness towards a definite objective will focus your powers into a strong motivation in attainment of your goals.” Engineer a marketing strategy that is comprehensive and most importantly, purposeful and pragmatic.
  • Do I have the right blend of product mix and marketing mix? It behooves the office-bearers of marketing team to lay inimitable emphasis on the 4Ps- Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. Marketing mix should go hand-in-hand with your business goals.
  • Do I have the right promotional strategy? Playing a sort of hopscotch with promotional strategies may rip the awning and literally wash out the business. Lamentably, there are far too many ill-planned attempts and withering initiatives being proposed by amateurs in several organizations. Woe betide! A wrong promotional strategy results in forfeiture of heavy expenditure and physical labor only to be ridiculed and be the victim of opprobrium. An exceptional promotional strategy should have the bite and penetration to result in thaumaturgy.
  • Is there a synergy between my organizational implications and USPs? Smaller aim is a crime and synergy is a mandate. Chalk out the benefits of your organization’s USPs and ensure a substantial synergy between USPs and organizational implications. ‘Organizational implications’ is an umbrella term encompassing the whole gamut of employee perks, out of the blue increase in taxes, unforeseen circumstances and unimagined consequences.

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  • Is my budget realistic? Customer attraction and retention are priceless dividends. To ensure a plethora of such intangible and tangible assets, budget your marketing strategy that places customers first and business objectives second to none. Allot budget to incorporate latest technology in the delivery of products. Ensure a mobile optimized website that is replete with captivating visuals and attention grabbing offers. Ensure that your website is Search Engine Optimized. Despite your best performance, you always run the risk of negative referrals. To obviate or do away with such instances, manage your social media and marketing forums. Recruit potential market research analysts to ensure clockwork precision in every walk of life.

If you are planning for one year, plant grain.

If you are planning for ten years, plant trees.

If you are planning for hundred years, plant men.

If you planning for eternity, orchestrate unconquered marketing strategies.


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