5 questions to ask yourself before joining a startup

Startups are a beginner’s magic lamp – your best chance to growth, learning, gaining experience and just a perfect environment to cultivate your personality.
But how can one come to a conclusion that a startup is the next ‘Facebook” or just a dead fish? Before joining a startup, just research about it and ask yourself whether you are really fit for it or not?

 Do you like the people on the team?team-150149_640

In a startup, sometimes it is the people that matter more than the work. What are the people on the team like? What is their age group? Who’s in charge? Would you be able to blend in with them comfortably? Experienced and influential people are the best guides and mentors.

Does the environment suit you?startup-594091_640

Are you familiar with the field you are going to work in? What will be your responsibilities? What will the people expect from you? Are you ready to meet new challenges, new crowd and unknown situations? Not everyone is comfortable with that, so better buckle up. To ease out things you can enroll yourself into any of the online course offered by sites like

What are the growth parameters?

Though startups offer a limited and unstructured training exposure, still, it is an elementary pushover for the budding aspirants. Your pick should a startup that shows some considerate momentum, offering more opportunities, a customer base and demonstrates revenues.
There’s always more to learn there. Research the company’s website, background check on its founder members and read through the tech blogs to make your decision.

Why am I doing it?

Do you want to join it just because everyone around the corner is doing it or it’s the new thing in vogue? Or, because of the innumerable perks a startup has to offer? Where do you see yourself in the next six months with this? Where would it lead you?

business analyst


What does the work involve?

What type of work will you be doing? Does it match your qualifications? Always aim higher, for something new and untouched. That’s how one learns. Don’t go for something that’s under qualified for you.  What would be your post? Would you be able to handle the pressure or the tight working schedule?


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