5 Indian startups with fantastic culture

Most of the Indian startup founders are known for their characteristic trademark-‘Beaming with confidence and driven by optimism’. While it is not uncommon for employers to be high on entropy always, it is not so common for the employees to climb up the hierarchy in work place. A fantastic work culture is so basic an impulsion that it helps employees enjoy progressive times and shake off any negative vibes. In Indian startups, it isn’t difficult for employees to work productively with others. Progressive times are always on the rise and one apparent reason behind the greater measure of competence and subsequent renewed zest among the employees of any potential startup is the fantastic work culture.

It can be said in all fairness that the phrase ‘Fantastic work culture’ encompasses best office vibes that nurture and foster entrepreneurial spirit of employees, passion driven environment, ‘actions speak louder than words’ ideologies, pressure less environment, high octane performances coupled with high voltage brainstorming sessions, employee incentives, goodies, freebies, vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Here is a list of 5 Indian startups with fantastic culture:

  1. Crowdfire:

Crowdfire is an application that manages twitter and Instagram social media channels. Crowdfire can be used to publish, analyze and re-brand twitter analytics. Here is an excerpt from Quora-Priyanka Sharma, an employee at Crowdfire blissfully quotes, “The best thing I like about my office? There is a mutual respect for each other here, and no one is above or beneath anyone. It was after coming here that I realized that colleagues can also be friends. We have people from different backgrounds and different parts of the nation. In good times or bad, we have one another’s backs. At Crowdfire, we believe: One for all, all for one.”  Further, she says that employees celebrate parties, play games such as Counter Strike etc. Merry making and delight are always in the offing.


  1. CouponDunia:

Here is an excerpt from Quora– Manas J Saloi, Product Manager at CouponDunia talks in an affirmative tone, “Even though I’ve been here for less than 6 months, work never feels like “chores” as the working environment is fun and you get to learn a lot by interacting with other teams. It’s a WONDERFUL experience. Apart from getting a brand new MacBook Air/ Pro for work and the choice of wearing anything to work, we have tons of free food. Plus there are these monthly team lunches/dinner to look forward to, where you can bond with your teammates over some pizza and pasta.  Team Outings are common and we all cherish playing football. So, what’s the most intriguing point? There is zero hierarchy at CouponDunia. If you have an idea that you want to share, you can do so with your manager or even the CEO. He is pretty chilled out by the way. Knowledge enhancement gets on our nerves. We go forth and learn. We take a class or attend a conference. We enroll ourselves in a course. We have even tied up with an online library called ‘Kwench’ where people can rent out books. CouponDunia takes care of the bill.”

coupon dunia

  1. VoiceTree Technologies:

VoiceTree Technologies is known for its product, ‘MyOperator.’ This product does its best to solve cloud management problems in cloud telephony verticals. Here is an excerpt from Quora– Ankit Jain, the founder of VoiceTree Technologies in a pleasant way remarks, “Work needs to be passion driven, not pressure driven.  So, what makes it a place with fantastic work culture? Well, Bikash Dash, an employee at VoiceTree Technologies quotes the following reasons:

  • Freedom of Ideas.
  • Flat Hierarchy.
  • Flexible Working Hours.
  • Great Learning.
  • More Opportunity and responsibility.
  • Informal atmosphere.
  • Yes we don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate whether it’s a birthday or programmer’s day or it’s someone’s first salary in office.
  • Most of the afternoons are spent with samosas/pizzas/burgers.


  1. Wingify:

Here is an excerpt from Quora-Mohita Nagpal, an employee at Wingify lists out the coolest things in the office:

  • Flexible Work timings
  • A refrigerator full of goodies and drinks
  • Monthly Hackathons
  • Birthday parties
  • Lots of beer and pizzas
  • Foreign trips
  • Table Tennis
  • PlayStation games
  • Good pay


She goes that extra edge by revealing her personal memorable experience, “So in July this year I got sick. And then I got really-really sick and found myself in a hospital. Then the doctors screwed up a big time and I found myself on the ventilator. Anyways, long story short. There was a hospital bill of close to 5 lakh to pay and my spending habits think I am an heir to the Hiltons of the world.

So yeah. The bill of 5 lakh was taken care of by the health insurance provided by Wingify. That was pretty awesome. Anyway, that’s not the whole story. I couldn’t turn up to work for a good two months – that’s a mighty 60 days. It wasn’t just the fact that I got my full salary for those two months (read: no leave policy), what was more heartening was that never in those two months did I ever feel I was being pressured to join sooner than what I was capable of. No gentle nudging. No questions asked. The cooperation and the trust the company showed was actually heartening.”

  1. Idyllic Software:

Here is an excerpt from Quora– Vinod Sobale, an employee at Idyllic Software honestly opines, “I work for Idyllic Software and in my opinion despite being not so big we try everything to make our culture as vibrant and as fun as possible. Just to name a few:

  1. We have beer Fridays.
  2. We have PS3, guitars and possibly everything one might need to make himself/herself home.
  3. We get to choose the kind of machine we want/need
  4. We have a 0notice period policy
  5. No Managers. We own our work.
  6. We have a super-flexible work from home policy.
  7. Our culture allows us to hone our entrepreneurial leadership skills. We are encouraged to come up with product ideas and have been given a very nurturing environment to start our own startup/company within. We have an amazing office with legends painted over our walls.”


Whenever you think of becoming the boss of your own startup, make sure that you meet all the criteria that make your work culture all the more fantastic and amazing!

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