5 Free online design tools to create stunning visuals

From a low point low to an all-time high, stunning visuals can trigger astonishing momentum shifts in various facets- be it blog traffic, website viewership, followers count etc. Creation of visuals is no longer a territorial domain. You need not be an expert in designing logos, flyers, visuals by using Adobe Photoshop. Moreover, creating visuals by using Photoshop is a tedious task. Armed with quality and incisiveness, the following online design tools require you to apply mind over matter. By the way, the following online design tools are completely free. Who doesn’t like free online design tools?

  1. Canva: If you don’t have a design qualification, all is not lost as you have Canva at your disposal. If you are looking for an online tool that aids you in designing professional looking images, opt for Canva. Canva is well stocked with a set of wonderful modules that help a beginner create impressive graphics for blogs, Facebook cover pages, banners and
    If you are looking for a stunning template to impress your investors with your pitch, Canva will definitely work wonders. Apart from templates, you can design logos. Canva comes with free and premium subscription services. All in all, Canva is a ready reckoner and an ideal time saver.
  2. Fotojet: Want to create captivating and highly engrossing images within minutes? Fotojet is your best bet. Features in Fotojet are aplenty. Fotojet comes with a package of video tutorials. Amateur designers can thus learn a lot from the tutorials and start designing both 2D and 3D visuals. Fotojet is power-packed with pre-formatted templates and amazing 3D layouts.fotojet
    Apart from the creation of visuals, Fotojet allows you to change the background of images that you upload. I am sure this online design tool will perk up the mood of your blog’s viewers!
  3. PicMonkey: Posited as the tool of visual marketers, PicMonkey can help you edit images and make them all the more eye catchy. What’s the difference between Adobe Photoshop and PicMonkey? Adobe Photoshop comes with a price while PicMonkey doesn’t come with a budget. Many of the ecommerce growth hackers prefer PicMonkey for its easy-to-use features.
  4. Infogram: As the name suggests, Infogram allows you to create infographic content for your business. There is a spreadsheet editor that complements this tool. Equipped with a powerful interactive interface and data management module, Infogram helps you create charts, snaps and designs.
  5. PlaceIt: This is a comprehensive screenshot tool. It allows you to take the screenshot of your screen/background image etc. It processes the screenshots and annotates it into a creative graphic. If you are looking for a feature rich screenshot tool that requires minimum human effort, PlaceIt is undoubtedly for you.
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