5 Free Google chrome extensions every entrepreneur must use

Google Chrome has a host of free extensions that serve as quick productivity hacks. Given the fact that Google created Chrome, it can be said that most of the extensions are compatible with the latest versions and older versions of the chrome browser. To streamline your internet surfing experience, it is important to have a selected few extensions.  Here is a list of 5 free Google chrome extensions every entrepreneur must use:

  1. Google Calendar:

This time management web browser extension allows you to make note of all important events. The status of the events can be updated. In addition, you can add new events to your Google Calendar. What all you require is a genuine Google account. This extension has Ajax driven interface. Google Calendar can be integrated with Gmail account. Whenever an email contains trigger words such as “meeting”, “date”, “time” etc., an “add to calendar” button gets displayed. Entrepreneurs can update the schedule of meetings by leveraging the features of Google Calendar.


  1. Google Mail Checker Plus:

Every time you get an email, you get a notification- This is the standout feature of this amazing extension. Google Mail Checker Plus icon notifies the number of mails to be read. For each mail, it displays the following:

  • Sender of the mail
  • Subject line
  • First line of the text
  • Day the message was sent.

To read the complete message, you have to click the message. You can also reply to all messages. Rather than visiting Gmail site frequently, this extension allows you to leverage Gmail features without actually visiting it.


  1. Feedly:

This is specifically useful for content marketers and content developers. To aggregate all your ‘must read’ articles and ‘must visit’ websites, you can count on Feedly. Feedly allows you to create organized categories. For instance, you can create various categories such as Technology, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance etc. Under each category, you can add your ‘must visit’ tab. What all it takes to add a particular website to your feed is just a click!


  1. Bitly:

This is the most commonly used extension. It allows you to shorten the URL of webpages. While surfing the internet, it is likely that you may come across an intriguing article. To your embarrassment, the URL of the article may be long. By using Bitly, you can shorten the URL and share this URL on Facebook. Bitly also displays statistical information such as the number of times the link was clicked, the number of users who shared that particular link etc.


  1. Firebug Lite:

This is a developer tool that lets you inspect the HTML elements and edit the CSS properties. Before launching your startup’s website, it is best to test it on Firebug Lite. Website designing team should definitely have this extension.


Other bonus extensions:

  1. FlashBlock
  2. AdBlock
  3. Alexa Traffic Rank
  4. WebRank SEO
  5. Web Developer

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