5 Fascinating Facts about Facebook

‘Facebook’ has become an integral part of our daily schedule. More often than not, we religiously check our Facebook statuses. Facebook has pulled off an enterprising triumph by scaling the pinnacle of success. The invigorating social networking platform has revamped itself to experience the blaze of glory and has outperformed its rivals by introducing captivating themes, engrossing apps and user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). Here are a few fascinating facts that are bound to grab your attention:

Facebook acquired an Indian tech start-up for the first time

Social media leader, Facebook acquired Bangalore-based tech start-up, ‘Little Eye Labs.’ This is clearly an indication that India is replete with budding innovators and inspiring entrepreneurs. However, the acquisition amount hasn’t been disclosed. The ignited minds of India have already grabbed the attention of LinkedIn and Google. Facebook followed the trend by recognizing the potential of Indian innovators and entrepreneurs.


Graph Search- an intriguing power search engine

Graph Search is an intriguing power search engine that allows a user to find people, places of interest and photos. This is an invigorating tool that is bound to provide enthralling experiences to users. However, only a few have recognized the finesse of this masterpiece.

graph search

The first ‘Face’ on Facebook

Did you ever think of the sad-faced guy with a relentless look of an experimenter who used to stare at you every time you went to sign in? Well, I am talking about the pre-2007 Facebook marketing gambit. He is none other than the illustrious stalwart- “Al Pacino.” Facebook did away with this guy’s photo in the year 2007.


Challenge- Yes indeed!

Did you ever think of the challenge that Facebook should tackle at the drop of a hat? Well, the answer is the boredom problem among its regular users. A radical perpetual change in its strategies and user experience is the need of the hour.


Facebook Phone- Hello! Are you there?

‘HTC First’, the officially declared pioneer of Facebook Phone was unofficially declared a disaster. Despite the wide range of features and excellent applications, it failed to outperform its competitors. Moreover, as per a popular survey, it failed to reinforce its advertising ecosystem and its promotional strategies remained a matter of supreme concern.

fb phone

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