5 accelerator centers in India to give a launchpad to your startup

“The first duty of man is to conquer fear; he must get rid of it; he cannot act till then.” That was Thomas Carlyle in the 19th century. It is a quote as apt today as it could have been before civilization began. When an animal encounters fear, its response is either fight or flight. In neither case does it engage in anything productive. In spite of the strides of civilization that we have made, mankind continues to be gripped with fear. The fear of not being successful is a malaise that grips people across entrepreneurial spectrum. We live in the Age of Money. Imagine being deprived of all your assets and it will be all dark before you. You’ll be scared by the pall of gloom that engulfs you at the mere thought of this. In fact, it is this fear that makes every entrepreneur to sweat day and night. As a consequence, making yarn by hook or crook is ruling the rhetoric.

The solution lies in what Franklin D Roosevelt said in his inaugural presidential address: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” The so-called ‘advance’ or impetus is being provided by the following 5 accelerator centers in India to give a launchpad to your startup:

  1. Microsoft Ventures:

Founded in the year 2012, Microsoft Ventures is located at Bangalore. Decked up from head to toe in chic attire and classy tuxedos, professionals provide strong mentoring to selected technical startups that focus on Cloud, Internet and Mobile domains. Microsoft Ventures runs a program of 4 months every year. The force of truth and the manifestation of beauty in this training brings a smile on first time entrepreneurs.


  1. GSF Accelerator:

Founded in the year 2012, GSF Accelerator is located at Gurgaon. Financial benefits are at hand to selected startups. To give an impetus to product oriented startups with hands-on expertise in Internet and Mobile domains, GSF Global Accelerator organizes a 13 week program. There is a great deal of soul searching talk between budding entrepreneurs and mentors. So don’t get surprised if your list of admirers gets longer if your startup earns the laurels of GSF Accelerator!



  1. Catalyzer:

Founded in the year 2014, Catalyzer Startup Accelerator conducts a 101 day mentoring program at Hyderabad. It cherry picks 12 startup teams and conducts this program bi-annually. If you are not just dreaming up the next great invention in the domains of Technology, Brick & Mortar, Social Enterprises and Non –Profits, but trying to build them and finance, Catalyzer is your best bet.



  1. Target Accelerator:

Founded in the year 2014, Target Startup Accelerator provides a 16 week intensive training program to five technology startups. An extra amount of force, finesses and power is given to these startups that make potential strides in the focus areas of Marketing, Big Data Analytics, Merchandising and Supply Chain Technologies.


  1. Venture Nursery:

Founded in the year 2012, Venture Nursery is India’s first angel-backed startup accelerator offering 3 months comprehensive program on Business Acceleration. Aspiring and brave entrepreneurs who wish to try their hands at Media & Entertainment, Retail, e-commerce, and Education  are offered unique blend of financial and social capital.


To be a successful entrepreneur, one has to develop the knack of cutting the troubles into slices. One has to face the problems and never run away from them. Be a pioneer in your world by soliciting advices from the highbrows of the aforementioned 5 accelerator centers in India that give a launchpad to your startup.


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